Parabo Please!

A couple of days ago one of my girlfriends recommended I try out a photo print company called Parabo. I am a dedicated Shutterfly girl, so I didn’t think twice about. A few days after that, an ad popped up on my Instagram feed with a coupon for my first prints free if I downloaded the app (code SQGR5 at checkout, if the promotion is still running). I submitted the order Sunday night. Monday morning I had a notification that it shipped! They arrived fifteen days from when I submitted the order. My Shutterfly prints, ordered four days before took about the same amount of time. (I am working on a wedding scrapbook, I don’t just hoard prints.)

I definitely recommend it to you all! The prints are regularly $16 for twenty five photos. They come on a thick matte paper, white boarder, in a cute square- 4″ with an optional 5.5″ upgrade. The app itself is easy to maneuver, and there are so many options for prints and projects. Whether you want prints, posters, calendars, or photo books it’s all easy to create. The best part, it’s all on your phone. I made one photo book during a particularly boring Comms lecture. You can easily pull photos from your phone, Instagram, and Facebook. The website also offers product to help display your photos in a truly fun way.

I still love Shutterfly for my more intricate photo albums and for the unique home decor options, but I’m also a little obsessed with Parabo. Check out these super cute pictures of some of our prints!

Have a great day!




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