“I Think I Can Do It!!”

Thursday I got to take one of my favorite little kids from Michael and I’s Sunday school class out for an afternoon! He is literally one of the best things about living here! I picked Q up and we decided to make a stop at the store and buy picnic supplies. It was so fun pushing him around. He insisted on keeping every single thing shoved up in his front buggy seat. It was precious. Our final picnic menu included the following:

  • A carton of strawberries
  • One orange (specifically picked out by Q)
  • A pizza lunchable
  • Simply lemonade with blueberry
  • One Ninja Turtle blue plastic cup
  • Two cans of silly string

The pizza lunchable, as I later found out, was actually not for eating, but for making sauce sandwiches. Those sandwiches were then used to smear sauce everywhere! haha. Always a fun day with that goose.

I took Q down to Two Rivers Park. I had never been, but I am so glad that we tried it! There was no litter, had two separate playgrounds, and wasn’t crowded. It also had decently clean bathrooms and beautiful green hills surrounding it. After we finished our rocking picnic under a gorgeous tree, we played in the playground a little farther back into the park. We started with a silly string war. Then moved on to the swings. It was a lot of fun!

At one point Q decided to climb up the big covered slide. He was using all the muscles in both his arms and legs to brace himself and climb upwards. On his first attempt, Q literally slipped, fell on his back, and slide down into my arms! We made eye contact and I held my breath, waiting to see if the tears were coming. His eyes got wide as he stared at me, but I was relieved when he burst out into hysterical laughter!

Q jumped up and started at it again! He kept tumbling down, but his resolve never weakened. At one point I could hear him panting, repeating the phrase, “I think I can do it. I think I can do it!!!” The mommy in me was beaming in pride. I hope he never looses his resolve to accomplish his goals. I think it’s important to learn from the small things in life. I think today I was shown a little lesson in working hard and not giving up. I hope you are as inspired as I am!


// Key Chain: Kate Spade



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