“Hand me a Q… I mean tee!”

Well, it’s official.  I’m going to be a golfer.
Michael and I were leaving downtown Nashville this last Saturday evening and we were so busy talking we totally forgot to get on the interstate.  We ended up a little bit lost.  Eventually we came across a gorgeous golf course! This prompted a conversation that ended with Michael picking up his clubs from storage and taking me to the driving range for my first  attempt at using a golf club! We paid for about 220 golf balls to split between the two of us.  I also got to pick out the cutest tees!! (Mixed Berry by Maxfli) I’ll admit, I wasn’t great.  However it was so much fun I am definitely hooked!
My biggest issue was that when I swing forward I get a little too excited and I magically miss the ball.  Well, more precisely I get excited and lean a little forward, sending my putter two cm off target. Luckily the sweetest old man decided to come move closer to where we were set up.  He reminded me a lot of my Grandpa Doug, who passed last February.  My Grandpa Doug was an avid golfer and he would have loved to teach me his favorite sport! I could tell that the older man was super excited to be able to pass along wisdom.  He was the sweetest and gave me a bunch of great tips for my form and timing! It actually helped a lot. He even gave me a pile of balls when I ran out saying, “I really want you to get this.” He was very invested and that made me feel really good. He was funny and I was happy to let him teach me. The man also made me promise to take some lessons so that I will develop good muscle memory!
Michael also had a blast. It was so fun to find something outdoors we both enjoyed that is new (well, to me). We already have plans for next weekend and I am pretty excited about it. I need a lot of practice before we play with one of our favorite married couples.
Do you have any pro golfing tips for me?
// Yoga Pants & Pullover: Victoria Secret // Shoes: Nike
// Mixed Berry by Maxfli –  200 count

3 thoughts on ““Hand me a Q… I mean tee!”

  1. “Love your blogs Jessie! As an avid golfer my first suggestion and hopefully the best advice you’ll ever receive is to go and take golf lessons from a professional at any of the local courses. This WILL make all the difference! Jenn took lessons before she started playing and she really improved quickly.
    My second bit of advice is to give yourself time because it’s a game that takes a long time to learn and get well, but is so worth it. I didn’t start playing until my late twenties and wish I had learned earlier, but having played pretty much every other sport as a kid, it turned out that golf would become my favorite! I think you will love it, but trust me when I suggest that lessons will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Anyone who has ever taken lessons will probably agree. Good luck with it!!” – Coach


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