The Road to Utah!

Okay, this is a little late. However, I couldn’t miss a chance to mention my birth place of Colorado!! Aka: Days two and three of my epic road trip to drive my brother to Utah. Yes thats right- 1,689 miles of road in my brother’s Honda Accord. Honestly I was a little nervous, but it ended up being crazy fun. Here is the breakdown:

Day One: Nashville, Tn – Kansas City, Mo (574 miles)

Day Two: Kansas City, Mo – Louisville, Co (613 miles)

Day Three: Family Time!! (Louisville/Boulder)

Day Four: Louisville, Co – Provo, Ut (496 miles)

Day Five: Family Time (Provo/Pleasant Grove)

Day Six: Family Time (Pleasant Grove) & Fly Home in PM

Spending time with my brother was definitely the best. I can’t imagine not getting see him everyday (so far it sucks). The second best part of the trip was seeing some of my family/basically family in Colorado & Utah! And of  course, Beau Jo’s Pizza. The worlds MOST AMAZING mountain pies, only found in Colorado. You don’t understand comfort food until you have had their creamy garlic sauce with grilled chicken on a deep dish, homemade whole wheat crust. The coolest part? Dessert is your delicious crust with honey. Seriously so fabulous. Another highlight of sunny Colorado, on day three we got to do an epic hike with Gia in Chautauqua Park. It was so hard! My lungs have gone soft, I felt like I could barely breath in that altitude. However, when we got to the top of Royal Arch Trail I felt like a total winner!

There were so many other great things like playing barbies with my precious cousin Sabrina (she owns my heart btw), going to the Puppy Barn, and getting frozen yogurt with my brother, his new roommates, and the cousins. However, I’ll just leave it at this- I left missing the West a little more than before. I hope you fall in love with the mountains as you look at these totally gorgeous photos!!

** Generally I like my photos to look uniform, but the landscaping between Boulder and Provo is so diverse it’s not possible! Which is actually totally cool! **




10 thoughts on “The Road to Utah!

    • Thank you so much (: I was practicing braids almost the entire trip! I am obsessed with a blogger, The BarefootBlonde, she has the best braids!!


  1. That’s really great that you and your brother are so close. This looks like a ton of fun, no matter what car you’re taking! I hope I come across more of your trip!


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