Yeti Tundra 35

When Michael told me that he wanted a Yeti cooler, my first thought was “Why?” It seemed silly to spend so much money on a cooler. I didn’t think much about it until recently when I wanted to get him something special for our one year wedding anniversary.
I was going to surprise him, but I didn’t really know anything about the coolers, so I ended up telling him my idea and letting him pick one out himself. We made a date out of it and went down to Bink’s Outfitters in the Greenhills Mall area.

We decided on getting the Yeti Tundra 35 in white and Michael ADORES it. I have to admit, I am pretty fond of it too. (It has a handy little shelf insert included, and you can also opt to get extra shelves and a divider that can function as a cutting board). Michael has decided he wants to add a sticker to the cooler for any trips we go on. We decided to start it off with a Bink’s sticker to commemorate buying it.

Michael and I used it for the first time yesterday, and can i say- wow! The Yeti literally keeps everything super cold. I am so impressed. It is a little heavy, so I would’t want to carry it for very long by myself, but then again I do have the muscles of a ten year old little boy. Other than that, I love everything about it. It seals well and has a really easy to use locking mechanism. It also holds as many Popsicles as I want to bring. Not to mention, I love how clean it looks in white. (Though I am curious how long that white will be that white). Best of all, it makes Michael crazy happy to use it. That’s worth it all to me!

Overall, what a great purchase! It is perfect for our upcoming beach trip! I am so excited. We will definitely keep you updated on how it holds up.

Enjoy these pictures of our little outing with the pups- Jade!(:


// Button Down: J.Crew // Shorts: Levi // Shoes: Sperry  // Watch: Fossil // Dog Collar: Baxter Bailey and Company



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