Top Knot, Top Notch

The top knot…. the hair trend that is taking over all genres of hair. The hipster in flannel, the sorority sister in her Lilly Pulitzer dress, the man with luscious hair and a beard, or basically anyone else with enough hair to wrap an elastic band around! I’ll admit, at first I was incredibly skeptical. I mean, it was a little weird! However, one morning I was in a rush and I needed my hair out of my face. So, I decided to try a top knot!
I started with a small one further back on my head, and I fell in love! It is so nice to have the hair out of my face and it was a fun variation from just clipping/pinning it back! Not to mention the fact that I love how easy it is to do! At this point, I can literally do it with no mirror, no brush, nothing. (That said, I do always keep a bobby pin or two on me to make sure that it all looks good! I hate it when It doesn’t sit close enough to my head and sort of bounces around).
Last weekend we went downtown to have dinner at one of my favorite places on third, Bakersfield. The  tacos are a great meal at a great price. I always get chicken, but Michael is way more adventurous. He got fish and pork belly this time. There are all sorts of fresh ingredients, salsas, and cheeses depending on what you order. And the tacos are only $4.00. We always love to go. I knew I was going to be shoveling their magical queso down so I wanted my hair out of my face.  The obvious answer: a top knot!
Anyways, so as of last month, I am officially a wholehearted supporter of the top knot. So go grab a pack of small elastic bands (literally, like $2.00 a pack at Walgreens) and knot away my friends!!
I hope you enjoy these pictures of our little night downtown!

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