Nashville, Tennessee


4 thoughts on “Chuy’s

  1. So classy, & romantic !…Nani Lynn…
    PS Iam not sure wha t i”m doing in this blog?

    Katie sent me this blog start-up kit so I could follow you!–because I remain a neanderthal & haven’t figured out how to get to anyone’s Facebook page without getting a notification on my email

    So,,,please call me (720 532 0200) or email me at and let me know when you’re coming to Denver. Can’t wait to see you all, and hold that little bundle of love and joy–

    Love, Nani Lynn


  2. I think I did post a comment.,-three times now?.. but it keeps telling me to “submit some text” GADS!.. .I’ve learned basic email , have some success with following Facebook notifications; but I have NO IDeA what’s happening with this blog thing!.. ‘I do know how to use the phone, however ,and would be VERY grateful if you would call me! Love, Nani Lynn


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