Style Shoot Excitment

I am so freaking excited.

Okay, let me rewind. Our wedding was incredibly stressful, which is probably why we were so busy running around that we literally did not take any bride/groom pictures! So so sad right? I didn’t want Michael to see my dress until I was walking down the aisle, so we didn’t do a reveal- mistake! We seriously only have pictures of the two of us either with the whole bridal party or iPhone snapshots. When we got engaged I had bought these three giant frames to hang pictures of the wedding in, I even had Michael mount them on the wall beforehand. Well we don’t have pictures to put in them! The empty frames were so sad to look at that I made Michael hide them in the attic! However, last week we got some amazing news!!

One of our dear friends, Brittany, is the owner/founder of a wedding & event planning company, Inspired Help. It is the coolest business. She helps create and direct breathtaking weddings, gorgeous bridal showers, and other fun events. She also has a super cute stationary store. We actually used Inspired Help to make our wedding invitation, literally the coolest things ever! (See pictures below.) Anyways, she had the most epic surprise ever for us! She reached out to her community of wedding entrepreneurs and asked if anyone would be willing to donate some time to put together a little style shoot for me and Michael. The best part? Several people responded! She is piecing together this whole wedding shoot so me and Michael can have pictures in my wedding dress and his suit. I am so freaking excited.

It will be later this month, so I am frantically trying to lose the ten pounds I have gained since the wedding. (Doesn’t seem like a lot right? Wrong. Not when your dress was as form fitting as mine. It literally won’t zip all the way.) But besides that, this is going to be so exciting. Honestly, I have a feeling these pictures are going to be even more stunning than the wedding ones would have been. It is going to be such a light, carefree day. I can’t wait to write about all of the super cool local business owners/photographers that I meet!

I am so blessed to have such a talented, giving friend. These photos will be so cherished.  Three cheers for the talented Mrs. B. Smith!! Make sure you check out her website & social media sites. You will love having someone so dedicated, creative, and dependable ensuring that your day is perfect!

Instagram: @inspired_help



photo credit: K Schulz Photography


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