The Importance of Dating Your Spouse

Life is crazy! Between work, household duties, church activities, school (for me), friendships, and hobbies we stay super busy. That doesn’t even include maintaining a healthy relationship with your hubby/wifey. Michael and I started as best friends. We spent literally every second doing something together. So how is it that we spend less time together now that we live in the same house!? I think i’ve realized that it is easy to take our relationship for granted, and that is not okay. Plus, we need to grow our relationship so that we can be a team once we have kids! It will be hard to have the quiet intimate moments when the baby is screaming and the three year old has learned how to open his finger paints. Having a loving marriage and a set date night will be so vital. That’s why we are going to start enforcing our rule of at least one date night a week again!

We used to be so great about it. Now it is easy to say, well we were both in the room and we shared a bowl of popcorn so it kinda counts… except no! A real date for us requires eye contact, uplifting conversations, and a big smooch at the end. Your date night does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. One of my favorite things is to just walk around our neighborhood and talk. (Zero dollars plus cardio… can you say win?) Just go do something!

Another date we love  includes building a giant fort with sheets, pillows, and furniture. Then we make popcorn and spend time watching movies from inside. Or we enjoy trying a new Pinterest recipe! We chose one together and then go to the grocery store. It’s fun picking out the fresh ingredients together and then trying to create a meal. (We always have a backup meal plan for the times it goes very wrong haha). Going to the farmers market, a local cafe, or the library can also be super exciting if you make a day out of it.

So I challenge you married folk (or dating/single, no discrimination) to make plans with your person (and/or cat) for some day this week. Do something different and really enjoy the moment!

Enjoy these two quick shots of our last date to one of our fav restaurants, Chuy’s. Then comment your awesome date night plans below, I would love some new ideas!


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// Shirt: Lucky



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