SEVENTY TWO DAYS. SEVENTY. TWO. DAYS. I am so excited!!!! In seventy two days we will be moved into our gorgeous new flat.  I am so pumped.  After one two month long construction delay I am definitely ready to be moved in!
Michael and I went down this earlier this week to walk the neighborhood  and see how construction is doing.  We were so excited to see that some people had already moved into the three story town homes! They are so gorgeous and I am a teeny bit jealous! We had talked about getting one, but since we’re saving for a down payment on a “family sized” house we decided to try and save money by going with a smaller option.  Plus we don’t need extra bedrooms at this point.
Our flat is on the top floor of the main complex building, above the yoga studio.  It’s supposed to have a “downtown” feel to it. It has  all stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.  The complex also has a great recycling and trash pickup system. I am pretty thrilled about that. However, my favorite feature is that our washer/dryer has its own little cubby in the master closet! (Which by the way is huge). I have a great feeling about this place.
The neighborhood is part of a LC Community.  It’s so cool.  They are building a yoga studio, a restaurant, sand volleyball courts, a cycling classroom, a gorgeous pool, and a gym. We were also told that the community holds weekly events including farmers markets, downtown community outings, a fall festival, charity events, volleyball tournaments, exercise workshops, blood drives, craft nights, and so many more. Another cool feature is a community vet. It is going to be so fun!! We drove down to Murfreesboro last month and saw the “old version” of the community.  It was beautiful, I can’t imagine what the “updated” community will look like.
One of the girls in the front office told us this complex will most likely have a more “industrial feel” to the interior.  We’re pretty stoked! (I am also a little impatient though.  We had sold off most of our furniture when we moved into our temp and then just put the money in our savings account with the mindset that it would be for replacing our couch, coffee table, and bookshelves.  I just want to order things, but I’m hesitant to order anything if I don’t know the color scheme of the interior paint and cabinets. I guess this is my lesson in patience!)
Anyways, I hope you enjoy some of the photos I snapped as we walked!


// Shirt: J.Crew // Jeans: Lucky // Boots: Levi


// Sweater: Aeropostal (eight years ago, literally so impressed) // Jeans: Lucky // Sandals: Steve Madden




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