Showing Off for Gia

This week my childhood best friend, Gia, has been visiting! So of course, we are trying our hardest to show off Tennessee. We are doing our best to use great food and shopping in an effort to suduce her into moving to Nashville. I think we are doing a pretty good job! Day one started with a trip over to Downtown Franklin. It is such an adorable area. I don’t know why I didn’t know about it until this year, but I am so in love with it now! They have lots of funky local businesses and some great food options.

We went into literally every store. My favorite is a store called Rock Paper Scissors, they sell the most beautiful stationary and gift wrap. I also love the candy store, Kilwins! They have amazing chocolates and other assorted treats. Plus you get to watch them make things, it is amazing to watch!

Gia decided her favorite was definitely Philanthropy, which is one of my top five for sure! They have such an uplifting vibe. One really wonderful thing they have incorporated into their store is a Prayer Wall. You write a prayer on a tag and hang it up. It was really encouraging to hang my prayer up and to read all of the other tags that were hung. Some of them were very touching. It was a little sad (I read several healing requests for family members) but it also created a really cool sense of community. I was really touched. We also got a good laugh- one tag covered in sloppy handwriting requested a prayer to help his mom lose “whate.”

Next, we took her to Thai Esane, one of Michael’s favorite restaurants about five minutes outside of the Gulch area, right on 12th. That was delicious as always. To end the night we headed farther down 12th Ave to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams! It is so amazing. I always get different sorbets or frozen yogurts and I have never had one I don’t love. This time I tried a lemon & blueberries buttermilk frozen yogurt- it was fantastic!

We had such a busy, but lovely day showing off Nashville/Franklin. Wish me luck as I continue to try and motivate Gia to move closer to me!! Enjoy the Pics.



One thought on “Showing Off for Gia

  1. What an awesome weekend! Food was on point and had a blast. Time was short but we made the best of it for sure! PS wouldn’t mind going back to the Thai restaurant again 🙂


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