This past weekend Michael and I decided to take Gia downtown to show her some of our favorite places! We had a total blast. There was a prediction of rain, but luckily it held off for us. We started by doing the walking bridge so she could see the amazing view of the city from over the river. Next we went to lunch at Bakersfield, one of our favorite places to eat. (We just went there for dinner like a week ago, see post here). After eating way more food then we should have, we decided to walk it off by heading up to one of our favorite coffee shops, Crema.

Crema is absolutely amazing. It’s maybe ten minutes from my campus so I do a lot of studying here. In the spring I love to sit on their large front deck and do my work. Michael loves their coffee as well. It is super clean, adorable, and has a really fun vibe. Overall, very “instagramable” hahah. And they always have great food and drinks. Also, they do super cute latte art if you order your drink in a mug. (My only complaint is that there are almost no wall plugs. So once my Macbook dies, it’s dead). 

Check out a few photos I snapped during our afternoon out! It was so fun. ** funny confession: I didn’t order a latte, so I stole Michael’s coffee mug for the photo. haha … He told me I was being ridiculous.


// Shirt: Loft


// Shirt: J.Crew



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