Hiking the Falls

This past weekend we decided to take my visiting best friend on an epic hike down to Cummins Falls. We got up and packed sandwhich ingredients to make lunch in Michael’s Yeti.  Then we jumped in the car and made the drive to Cookeville.  We were so excited to get started, but when we pulled into the park there were rangers everywhere.  They informed us that the actual swimming hole and half the trail was closed because of the amount of rainwater that had accumulated.  We were so bumbed!! I have never been, but I had heard so much about it.  The week before her flight I had even sent pictures from the website to Gia and had talked it up nonstop. So I was pretty disappointed that there would be no swimming.
In the end we decided to make the best of the situation. First we found a picnic table and spread out our lunch.  Our sandwiches and delicious bottled juices really cheered us up. Next we did the available portion of the hike (twice actually, it wasn’t terribly long) and had a blast. Michael, Virginia, and I thought it was so beautiful.  The overlook have a great view of the swimming hole and falls.
It looks like we will just have to try again later this month.  Sadly Gia is home now, but next year we will take her again!
//Shirt: Free People // Shorts: PINK // Sandals: Chacos // Hat: Vineyard Vines

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