Style Shoot Swoon

This past Tuesday was our style shoot organized by previously mentioned, Inspired Help! It was the sweetest experience ever! Brittany (owner & creator of Inspired Help) organized all of the shooters, the florist, the location, and everything else. She has an amazing eye, so everything was perfect and beautiful! I arrived at Brittany’s house around 2:30pm where my hair was done. Next, the makeup artist, Melinda did my makeup. From there I got dressed and we headed to the location.

The style shoot was held in this lush green field on the property of Two Monkeys Vintage. They are the rental company who provided all of the props we used (beside the cakes). TwoMonkeysVintage has a giant warehouse filled with anything and everything you could dream of wanting for your wedding. The owners were incredibly kind and gave us free range of everything. My favorite pieces were the vintage couches. We used a pink couch and navy couch for our shoot. Definitely check them out for any of your rental needs. When you check them out, make sure you read the most adorable story behind the name.

Also check out Rachel Ann Events, who was the mastermind behind the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen! Literally, it was so amazing I couldn’t even believe it. The bouquet had Peonies and Juliet Roses, my absolute favorites!!! It was a total dream.
The session itself was broken into two segments. There were two separate photographers per session, so four total. It was a blast being directed and bouncing between so many creative minds. It was also great for the ego, each photographer laughing and praising your every pose hahah! I can’t wait to brag on the talented Amilia, Carrie Ann, Liraz, and K. Schultz!! They were all so encouraging and exciting to be around.
By the end of the day I was so tired I could barely stand. However, I was so happy I hardly noticed. We all laughed at how much more fun it is to do wedding photos when there is no one else at the wedding! Finally, Michael and I finished the night with huge burritos at Chuys. Stay tuned for some serious bragging about the most talented photographers and creatives ever. Until then, enjoy the few pictures I clicked on our drive to the location!

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