The Baby Craze Begins

Everyone teased Michael after we got engaged, saying “you better be careful, she’s going to be baby crazy the month after the wedding.” We both laughed and swore we wouldn’t be. Except now its  thirteen months after the wedding, and the baby cravings are definitely in full effect. I literally can’t stop thinking about it!

Michael is just as excited as me. He is almost five years older than me so his peers are beginning to start families. Also, his younger half sister had a baby last winter, and that really got him eager! Not to mention the fact that it seems like there are perfect, adorable babies everywhere we go. We have definitely been talking about it a lot recently. So we decided to make a list of what we want to have accomplished before we bring a sweet little baby into the world.
We sat down with a stack of note cards and silently wrote one item on a single notecard. After much thought we were ready to compare. We read each item out loud and discussed if we both agreed that it would be something we needed to accomplish. A few things were deemed unrealistic, but we generally had the same main points. In the end we decided on a list of five goals, as follows.
For me to graduate from my University (May 2017)
A committed pattern of daily prayer and bible study
For Michael to receive the promotion he is currently under review for
To be homeowners/have a down payment ready for the right house
Additional Emergency Savings that equal three months of total bills
It is a hefty list, maybe not in quantity, but definitely in quality. However, it feels great to have goals with such an exciting reward.
It seems like everyone has advice to either have kids young, saying that “if you wait for the perfect time to have kids, you will never have them.” Or to wait until your thirties, saying “you’ll regret not doing things while you are young.” What are your thoughts?
** Picture by Sophie, featuring Baby Ava (from “adopted” cousin Lizzie), the definition of a perfect little baby! Her dress is from Target, I couldn’t resist it!! **

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