Road Trip Essentials 

I am so excited!!!! Tomorrow we make the 599 mile road trip down to Jacksonville, Florida with one of our fav couples. This is going to be wayyyyy too much fun!! I don’t know how I will fall asleep tonight. This is Michael and I’s first couples vacation. We are staying in an AirBNB rental that Soph & Toph picked out. They booked it back in March, in part as a birthday present!! They are the sweetest, most generous people I know. (Seriously. I am so lucky to get to do life with them!!!) We chose Jacksonville because the beaches are gorgeous, but there is half of the touristy crowed as other beaches. Plus it’s only like a thirty minute drive to St. Augustine. We are going to have such a blast together.

I was a little eager so I started packing the car this morning with the road trip essentials. Here is a list of things we always take with us on our road trips:
two-three empty grocery bags for trash

case of water

Peach rings (Michael)

Goldfish (For Me!)

assorted Snacks

sudoku and extra pencils

the IPad loaded with music

advil (I get terrible back aches)

box of tissues



long sweater

The empty grocery bags are essential for me. We put all of our trash in one and when we stop to get gas I can easily throw out all of the trash! The other item I always take is my extra long sweater. I go from hot to cold so quickly it drives Michael crazy. It’s easier to take the sweater off or put it on, rather than mess with the air conditioner or heater constantly. For Michael, music and the peach rings are the most important road trip accessories. He loves eating them on the drive.
What do you always take with you on your trips? Anything you can’t leave without? Wish me luck getting to sleep tonight despite the excitement!!!



 // leather duffle: Fossil (see similar here


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