Jacksonville, Florida 

Ah we made it! We drove the 600 miles from Nashville to Jacksonville. We started Thursday morning 4:38am. Only 8 minutes behind schedule so YAYY!!! When we got in we explored our AirBNB then headed to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and breakfast foods! Michael and I also got stuff to make sandwiches. We hauled them home and unloaded then set off to get dinner! We found this little Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good food, not my favorite, but by no means bad. 
We unanimously decided to spend our first evening at the house just playing games, baking cookies, and hanging out. It was a crazy fun night! We all crashed pretty early so we could be ready for today!! 

This morning we slept in and then Sophie made biscuits and gravy! She’s so awesome. We showered up and headed down to Jacksonville Beach. Along the way we stopped at Bold Bean Coffee. It was super cute and trendy. Michael and Sophie grabbed coffee and we were on our way! Currently we are laying in the sun on the beach. Try not to be too jealous!! 

Photo Cred: Sophie 💕


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