Avondale & Riverside 

Swimming, shopping, eating, jet skiing, laughing… Literally who wouldn’t be having fun?! Jacksonville has been sooo perfect. Seriously! It’s been the best. 
Friday afternoon we were at JAX beach and then we enjoyed the evening at one of Michael and I’s favorite shopping center. St. John’s Town Center is full of anything you could want. They have a huge list of great stores, including some of our favorites: Lush, Lucky Brand, Sephora, Tiffany & co, Victoria’s Secret, Sperry, and so many more. There are over 100 upscale stores. 
There also are several different restaurants. You can choose between P.F. Changs, Maggiano’s Little Italy, J. Alexander’s, and a couple of others. We opted for the Cheesecake Factory because I was hard core craving some fried macaroni and cheese. It’s terrible for me, so I usually try to avoid the temptation… But not on vacation! Between eating and shopping, that pretty much wrapped up our Friday. 

Saturday was jam packed. We started with a jet ski rental. (More on that later) Then continued on to shopping and eating in Avondale. It’s a rejuvenating part of Jacksonville and super cute. The boutique shopping options were not the greatest for my style. HOWEVER, we did find a toy store, The Green Alligator, and Le Macaron!! You know I love Macarons. We got six to share between the two of us. I choose vanilla, lemon, and strawberry kiwi. Michael got pistachio (of course), vanilla, and espresso. A fun thing was that the bakery was a part of the same chain as the Le Macaron we went to (several times) while in Puerto Rico on our honeymoon! 

Next we walked around Riverside, another neighborhood shopping district in Jacksonville. Riverside really wasn’t as cute as Avondale. However, we did find the most epic comic book shop. (Including arcade games and graffitied ceiling tiles.) my husband absolutely rocked the crap out of Galaga. He topped their high score, then topped his own high score after that! It was so fun.

The evening ended with the group going to the Friendship Fountain and then to this weird riverside shopping center for dinner. It was called The Jacksonville Landing. We didn’t explode too far, but from what we saw I definitely would not recommend. The bathrooms were filthy, the stores looked touristy, and the most awful concert was going on. There were three men on stage. Two yelling out the same words repeatedly, while the third waved a flag. I have no idea what was going on, but a crowed of maybe a hundred people had gathered around. 
We chose to eat at the American Grill. Mainly because they had riverfront seating on the second story. We asked to be seated far as humanly possible from the concert. It was still loud, but worth it for the breeze and view. Our meal was good and had generous portions. The place itself wasn’t very clean. When we were taken back to our table to be seated it hadn’t been cleared. There was food and trash everywhere and a broken chair, but we got over it! The hosted was obviously embarrassed. Lastly, we headed home for an epic game night and some serious laughter. 
My last post left off at JAX Beach. Enjoy some super cute shots of the afternoon up to Saturday night! Much thanks to Sophie for capturing it!(: 

// Swimsuit: Victoria Sectet // Sunglasses: Kate Spade // Michael’s Swim Trunks: Tilly’s // Beach Towel: TJ Maxx

// Tank Top: Hollister // Shorts: Hollister // Beach Bag: Lands End 

// Romper: Victoria’s Secret // Michael’s Shirt: J. Crew // Michael’s Shorts: Levi // Michael’s Shoes: Sperry 

//Shirt: Forever 21 // Shorts: J. Crew // Sandals: Steve Madden // Michael’s Shirt: J. Crew // Michael’s Shorts: Levi // Michael’s Shoes: Sperry 


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