Fourth of July 2016

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Okay, it’s a day late. But still! Our Independence Day was so perfect. We slept in and made an epic breakfast. Cinnamon pancakes and candied apples on top with bacon and eggs. Then we packed up the yeti, lathered ourselves in sunscreen, and headed down to Jacksonville Beach! 
Traffic was horrible. There was literally no where to park and drunk bicyclist were weaving in and out of the road. It was starting to get a little disheartening. But then we found THE BEST parking spot of all time. We were trying to make a turn in a small lot. When we finally turned around we were directly facing a beach house on the ocean front. It had a For Rent sign in the front yard with the landlord’s phone number. I decided to dial the number. I called and I told her we were visiting and asked if we could park in her driveway… She said yes! It was so perfect haha. Literally it was a two minute walk into the beach. Plus it was completely free. Seriously so on point. 

We spent the next four or five hours on the beach. The boys rented a boogie board and bought a skim board. It was so fun!! I was terrible at both, but it was still entertaining to try. The hard part about the boogie board was that when I stayed in the middle I could barely paddle my arms. Oh well! I loved being on the beach with one of our favorite couples ever. Soph and I were so happy that the boys had such a blast together. Topher also pulled out his GOPro… We loved it!! I definitely see one in our future. 

After we had our fill of the sun and the sand we went down to the board walk and shopped a little. I found more of my favorite lotion- Sun Bum: Cool Down. It is the best lotion ever. (I love that it doesn’t make me feel greasy and it smells delicious.) Then we had Mexican food at Campeche Bay Cantina. It was different from what I am used to, but still super delicious. It also wasn’t too pricey for being on the beach. 

Finally, we headed to the beach for the firework show. I love fireworks so much! It is so incresible to me. The show was so beautiful and Sophie took some AMAZING photos of Michael and I. The night ended with sparklers and tons of laughter. It was a perfect night! 

//Sunglasses: Kate Spade //Bikini: Victoria’s Secret // Sophie’s Swim Suit: Arie // Sophie’s Sunglasses: Ray Ban

// Shirt: PINK // Shorts: PINK // Michael’s Shirt: Khols // Michael’s Shorts: Levi // Michael’s Sunglasses: Fossil 

** Sophie Davison Photography ** 


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