Countdown to China

It feels like I’ve only been home from Florida for a few hours and I am already about to head off across the world! My flight leaves for China Tuesday morning at 6am!

I will be with a group from Trevecca of about thirteen students and two faculty members through a program called Trevecca Across the Globe. (T.A.G.) We will be working with a Trevecca grad who is a part of a program that teaches English to elementary – high school aged kids. They also have an outreach program towards university students. It is going to be so exciting! We will be there for two and a half jam packed weeks. We start by flying from Nashville to Detroit. From there, Detroit to Beijing. We spend 24 hours in Beijing before we take a much smaller plane to where we are staying in the Yunnan Province!
I am starting to get a little nervous. Today I started packing for the trip, which turned out to be a lot harder than expected. I just have no idea what I will be comfortable wearing there between weather, respecting the culture, and trying to look presentable for our classes we will be teaching. We have a list of the amount we can pack, it’s just not super descriptive. I also am nervous about the food. I have such a weak stomach, I am going to have to be very cautious that I don’t eat anything that will prevent me from being up and ready to go! (I appreciate any prayers as I travel that I won’t become ill!)
The thing I am most excited for is definitely working with kids. I bought a few cute little “gifts” I can hand out. Last year I met a recruiter for a Chinese exchange program. We got to talking and he suggested doing so. I think it will be so fun! I love working with children and I feel this will be very rewarding. I also can’t wait to tell  my Sunday school class (Michael & I teach the 4-6 year olds at church) all about the kids I meet! I think that will be really cool for them. We also put aside some money so I can bring them all back a little gift!
Any advice on avoiding stomach sickness? Any specific ways to get through my 14 hour flight from Detroit to Beijing and/or how to avoid jet lag? I would love to hear it!!
** Picture: South of the Clouds

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