T.A.G. China Mission Statement 2016

“As the China team we will have fun. We will show compassion to the people we serve and to each other when things get hard. We will make time for D.E.G. and self care. We will use a flexible attitude in order for our teamwork to make the dream work. We will be servant leaders as we immerse ourselves in the culture. We will create open communication in order to complete our fun sandwich.”

Before school let out for the summer the team gathered together to write a mission statement. Everyone was asked to contribute three elements that we felt were the most important to remember through out the trip so we can function as a successful team. (I chose respect the culture, open communication, and understanding.) Then everyone combined the ideas and divided them into categories. From there we wrote our statement. I love how it turned out. I also really appreciate that people pointed out that we wanted it to be a fun, positive experience- no matter what we end up doing. We decided to call it our fun sandwich.
The culture surrounding the group we are going to be staying and working with is very flexible. There are literally no concrete plans. So as a team, we have to be willing to just go and serve wherever they need is that day. I know this will be challenging for me, but a great lesson! I think learning a “flexible attitude” will be one of the greatest trials and blessings I will receive from this trip!
Also, T minus 40 hours until I am on my way to China!!!! 

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