Succulent Sprouts

Succulents and babies.  Two of the best things in the entire world! So it’s no surprise when you combine them you get the cutest little sprouts ever. I have a little baby succulent and I love it so much! I literally check in it at least two times a day. It all started when I read everything on Pinterest about succulents for my first attempt. A few articles mentioned that you could take a section off of a living on and let it dry out and sprout its own roots. I decided to try it! First I choose a plant to take it from. 

Next they all said to let the bud dry out. So I just put it in one of my planters in the dirt. I did not water it for the first five days. However nothing was happening. So I started saturating it in water every morning. Pretty soon it looked like this (maybe a month?)  

I don’t know if it is just good luck or what, but it is really growing!! I moved it to another planter where it had lots of sun and space to grow. When I got back from Florida I was amazed- the baby buds had completely taken root!! The original clipping had withered and died. I am so excited!! 

I will keep you updated on the progress of this little guy. I started a new little clipping and I am going to track it’s progress more closely so I can have better instructions! Three cheers for baby plants!(: 


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