Impromptu DIY Key Rack 

You might remember me posting about a pretty epic coffee station I created a little while ago. Well if it wasn’t cool enough, I managed to use the last remaining wood scrap to make an adorable matching key rack! 

The piece I used was actually my tester board for the stain. Then it was a tester for the chalk paint. I just used the untested backside! We sanded it and wiped it down with a damp rag. Then used some leftover stain from beforehand. (Dark walnut 2716) After it dried, we attached Gate House Double Clothes Hook. They are the matching set to the hooks used for the coffee mugs! (Which I love. In case you don’t know my love for well matched furniture.) 

The last step was for Michael to attach our last leftover picture hanging metal piece from our Chalkboard and Memo Board projects. (Please note the beautiful sample paints hahah.)

The final project was so perfect!!!! I love it. Best part? The only thing we bought was the hooks. ($3.98 for two.) The rest was leftover material from past projects! Now that is a win in my book. 


The Honest Company Free Trial

A week ago I saw an ad for the The Honest Company. They were promoting their free trial of both some of their essential household products and their baby products. The catch is, you have to sign up for their subscription service. However, you do have seven days to cancel your subscription from the day it is delivered (with no cancelation fees). You get quite a bit of product and only have to pay $5.95 in shipping.

So last Thursday I decided to order the trial sample of their essentials bundle. I got an email saying the shipping label was created less than twelve hours after I signed up! (The product arrived the following Wednesday in the same box.) The box was adorable. It included

  • seven Newborn sized diapers (you get to chose your size when you order)
  • a pack of wipes (10 count)
  • sample size face and body lotion
  • sample size hand soap
  • sample size shampoo and body wash
  • sample size multi surface cleaner
  • sample size organic healing bomb
  • Honest Company Welcome Guide

So far, we have tried the lotions, cleaner, and hand soap and we love them! They smell great and are very attractively packaged. I am so glad we decided to try it. (The diapers and wipes have been thrown into a tote in a closet for unknown future needs.) We are even debating signing up for the monthly “essentials” bundle subscription. You pay $35.95 per bundle and get five products. (Just for comparisons sake, we chose five items and compared them to the combined prices of the same type of items that we usually buy. It was less than a dollar price difference.) It really is a good deal for the convenience and we love the integrity behind the product. Plus, we both love getting packages in the mail haha.

If you want to try out the company, use this link so they know I sent you their way!(: It will provide you with $10 off of your first purchase. (The lotion I loved is $9.95 so you would literally only pay shipping). I highly recommend it!

The Dollar Shave Club’s Newest Member: Michael

Last week we decided to sign my husband up for a monthly subscription with the Dollar Shave Club. I had seen a few adds before, but didn’t think about it until Michael brought it up! We decided to look into it.

A few things I immediately liked about the company is that you can cancel at any time for zero fees. I also like that you could set your account to deliver according to your needs. (We decided to sign Michael up for every other month). I was also excited because they were doing  a promotion where if we signed up he got a free shave butter.

I also really liked the three different plan options. The “Humble Twin” for $1.00 a month (plus $2.00 S&H). Or you can upgrade to “The 4X” for $6.00 a month, no S&H. The last plan, and the one we chose, is “The Executive” for $9.00 a month, no S&H. The different plans come with different blades and cartridge refill amounts. Michael’s razor is a stainless steel, six blade razor that ships with four cartridge replacements per month. (For us, every other month). It has a trimmer, 90 degree pivot head, and the razor has lubricating strips made with aloe, vitamin E, and lavender.

Currently when we have to get new razor heads for Michael they cost $22 pre tax for a package of 4. With the package we chose he is paying $9.00 per order for four razor heads! Plus his first order included the razor handle. So it ends up being a really good deal! (Plus you can add on a bunch of stuff like lotions, chapsticks, hair product, or sunscreen for a great price is you want!)

We ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived the following Tuesday. So really that wasn’t a long wait at all!

The package was packaged adorably.  It included:

  •  the shave butter
  •  the four razor heads
  •  a sturdy handle (Michael said there is a great weight to it)
  • members handbook.

So far Michael is loving it. I love the convenience and great price.  I will keep you updated on how we feel about it after a few months though! If you want to try it out, please use this link so they know we sent you!!

Easy & Quick Chicken Tiki Marsala

I love having dinner on the table for Michael, but honestly sometimes I am super short on time. So when I find a great tasting meal that is easy to prepare, I am all about it! Last night I made one of Michael’s favorite meals, and it only took like thirty minutes to prepare! I wanted to share it with y’all today.

To start off, no it is not completely from scratch. Hate all you want, sometime you don’t have time for all that! I can obviously agree that it isn’t as good as when it is made fresh at our favorite Indian place, Bombay Palace (West End, across from the Chipotle.) However, it is still a DELICIOUS meal that is both quick and super affordable! Here is what you will need (I bought all of my ingredients at Publix) :

  • Jasmine rice
  • One pepper (I did 1/3 of a red, orange, & yellow pepper for no other reason than it’s prettier)
  • Sharwood’s Chicken Tiki Marsala
  • Chicken breast/cutlets according to personal taste
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Stonefirs Tandoor Garlic Naan

Literally that is all you need! I start with the rice. We have the cutest little rice cooker and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It makes dinner so much easier. (It even has a timer on it so I could set it and leave for work and it would be done when I got home.) Anyways, I wash the rice then get it started before I start anything else- it is the most time consuming part of the entire dinner.

Next I dice up the peppers. I prefer to make them larger. Then I cut the fat off of the chicken and cut it into about one to two inch long pieces. Meanwhile I have half a tablespoon of butter melting in a nonstick frying pan. Once the butter it is melted I cook the chicken. When the chicken is a light brown on each side I plate it and put it to the side. Next a use the remaining butter to saute the peppers on a medium high.

When they are finished I put the peppers on the plate as well and I wipe out the pan. When the leftover butter has been cleaned out I pour the chicken and peppers back into the pan. Next I pour the sauce in. I let it sit on a low heat to warm everything. While that is going I put the garlic naan into the oven, per the instructions on the back of the package. When it is done I cut it into fourths. Finally, once the rice finishes, dinner is served!

I hope you enjoy this super easy to make meal as much as we do! Let me know how it goes!

Hey Good Lookin’!

One of my guilty pleasure is online shopping, especially at West Elm. I know that the prices of literally almost everything on their website is higher then my budget should allow… But somehow I can’t help myself!! Usually I can resist the urge to buy things.

However, I also am a pro at justifying why I absolutely can’t live my life without (fill in product here). Which is why I couldn’t resist the temptation of this super adorable door mat. It’s so cute and it makes me feel good about myself when I come through my door! I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me !!(: Also, please note my healthy succulent in the corner!


Emotions & Options

The school year is about to start and soon I will be running across campus so as to not be late to class once more.  I’m excited, sad, nervous, and so many more emotions I don’t even know how I feel!

I’m about to start my senior year at Trevecca.  Part of me is beyond thrilled! I get to see favorite professors and good friends. Sophie and I have at least two classes together! It’s my last year, then I’ll be graduated and supposedly a real adult.  However, I’m also a little sad that I’ll be leaving good ol’ TNU.  It’s become a home.  I feel like I finally know where everything is.  I have my favorite study spots and I know where the cleanest bathrooms are.  (Can’t tell you because then I would face the risk that you’re the dirty bathroom fiend- and I would have just invited you into sacred, clean bathroom space.) I am so excited to be finished because I love accomplishing goals. And graduating has been a serious goal, but it will be a little bitter sweet.
Nervous is another word I would use to describe how I feel about going back to school and graduating as well. Everyone keeps asking if I have a job lined up, what the plan is, or what I am doing next. The honest answer- I don’t know! For so long the goal has just been graduate college. Now I have to make a “final draft” of all the “next step” goals I’ve been collecting over the years.  I have some big choices that lead down very different paths.
The obvious option is to secure a killer internship that segways into a career path in event coordinating. It’s an option I would enjoy.  It would be challenging and fulfilling. It’s what is expected of newly graduated seniors.  That’s what majority of my classmates will pursue.  But, then again, I’ve never fit in with the majority of my classmates.  By graduation I will have been married for two years to a best friend I will have known for seven years. I also will be blessed in that I will have zero student loans that will require paying off. This drastically opens up other doors that lead down a more maternal path.
Everyone knows I want a baby.  I knew I wanted a baby before I was old enough to know where babies come from. On my preschool worksheet while other kids wrote they wanted to be firefighters or rock stars, I wrote mommy. That has never really changed. (Sometime throwing in the occasional career path of “princess,” but currently that one is a little less attainable.) Having a husband who can support us, no debt to repay, and a great marriage opens the doors to pursuing that dream. I know it’s what I want the most.  I just don’t know if it’s God’s timing yet.
Another option, a secret dream of mine, is to pursue a yoga certification.  I think being a yoga instructor would be so fun! I find it so relaxing and beneficial. However, it’s time consuming and honestly, would it be silly to get a four year degree and then jump into a different program? I just don’t know what God has in store.  However, owning a yoga studio (maybe with a certain blonde friend of mine) would be the coolest! I would love to have a studio that incorporates the healing powers of yoga, but is openly Christian.
There are so many emotions and so many choices to be made.  I can guarantee you that there is some serious praying going on in the Cornell house this month.  (Feel free to throw us on your prayer list as well!) I guess at present I’m just going to focus on not stressing about it! Wish me luck.

Skittles & Songs in China

Growing up my Dad was always one of my best friends. He understood me in ways other people couldn’t. For example, sometimes he knew I was being contrary because I just wanted to debate. Other nights he would understand that he just needed to pick up my favorite order from sonic. Other days still he gave me his keys and took me to a backroad and sat silently as I drove a little too fast. Somehow he could always tell what I needed when I was upset, and had the patience to accommodate me. My Heavenly Father has that same ability, but on such a personal level it is amazing.

This last July I spent some time in China. It was a totally fulfilling experience. I am so thankful for getting to go and what I learned.  However that doesn’t mean it wasn’t incredibly hard! It was.
In fact, I mentioned before, but for a few days I was feeling really awful. I couldn’t keep any water or anything down at all for over 24 hours. So when I had to board a four hour train one morning, I wasn’t feeling my best. I was also starving!! The only thing I could think about was skittles. Don’t ask me why, but when I thought of things I could imagine eating it was the only food that came to mind! I asked one of the girls to walk over to the little train market with me. Guess what was the ONLY recognizable “American” food in the entire market… SKITTLES. It literally felt as if in that second God was smiling at me, laughing at his poor daughter who just wanted something familiar in a strang land.

The last Sunday we were in Chiba we got to go to a “foreigners church.” It was so comforting to be in a room where I actually knew what was being said. The sermon was dead on to what I needed to hear before going home. However, it was the music that touched my heart! As the service came to a close we ended by standing to sing. First we sang my favorite contemporary worship song, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. I absolutely love it.  One line reads “Spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders. Let me walk upon the water. Wherever you may call me…” 

Never have those words meant so much! But there I was, standing in China, because that is where the Holy Spirit had led me! I cried through the whole song, singing with my entire heart. I was not emotionally prepared for when my favorite hymn began to play next! The song How Great Thou Art (originally composed by Carl Gustav Boberg around 1940).  I felt so loved as we sang these cherished, familiar songs. In that moment I felt exactly like a daughter who’s Father knew exactly what she needed.

Another example was during the second week of our trip. We had just met our groups of kids that we would be responsible for the following 24 hours on a field trip. The task looked daunting. (Especially because our girls were so painfully shy and their English was beyond limited.) I was feeling incredibly discouraged when I noticed one of the quietest girl’s jackets. It had a little badge on the left breast pocket. It read “Fear Thou Not 41:10.” I instantly recognized my favorite scripture in the entire bible… Isaiah 41:10. I instantly was comforted and reminded to trust in God. It was such an unexpected reminder, especially seeing how the girl was not only Buddhist, but also spoke barely five words in English. I’m sure she had no idea what it meant, but to me it meant that God was everywhere and he knew I would need encouragement.

These little examples all attest to my favorite verse. They exclaim that God is with us! He strengthens us daily.  I am so thankful for these little reminders I experienced of Gods endless love.


“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

– Isaiah 41:10 KJV