I killed Chester … A Succulent Update

So recently I decided to become a succulent gardener. It is going pretty well! I now have four assorted bowls that are housing my sweet cute plants. Michael also picked out a cute cactus that we paid way too much for at the West Elm in Greenhills. He named it Chester.

Well friends, i’m sad to say that somehow I have killed Chester. He kept shrinking and getting all weird looking so I thought he was thirsty… Basically I drowned him. I went to pull him out of his over watered soil and he all but disintegrated at my touch. So I bought Michael a new cactus from Lowes! Michael has named this cactus Murphy. Hopefully this one is a little more durable. I also am going to plant it solo, rather than with any other little buds so that I can keep it super dry.

We picked out the bowl from Target. (It’s actually a cereal bowl, but I liked the texture.) I will keep you posted on how it goes!! Wish me luck on keeping this little guy alive!! Hahah


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