Boat Florida Rentals- Jacksonville 

During our epic Florida Beach trip back in July we decided that we HAD to go Jet Skiing! I want to share our experience! We originally planned to use a familiar company in St. Augustine. However, last minute we switched to Boat Florida Rentals because it was only seven miles from the house we were staying at. It was a blast, but I know we will never be using that company again.
The lady who was working the front desk was one of the rudest, most patronizing people ever. It was a serious damper on our day. Not to mention the husbands were getting very mad at how she was speaking to the wives. I thought Topher was about going to lose his temper! It took over forty minutes of paper work with the very degrading woman, but then  we finally got to head out to the marina.

This is where things improved! The staff member who helped us was a lot more fun and quickly cheered us up! We were out on the water before we knew it! Michael and I have been before, but Soph and Topher hadn’t. They were naturals! I think everyone had a complete blast.

Michael was the sweetest and let me drive for more than my fair share. I love it so much. I love going as fast as the machine will let me! This one topped out at 45 mph. It was the slowest of any wave runner I have been on, but still a thrill! The best moment was near the end. A giant speedboat flew by and I went straight for its wake! I about threw Michael off. We flew, no joke, several feet out of the water and skipped a few times. It was the biggest rush! I could not believe it.

It was an epic morning. Even though I know we will not be using that company again, it was still a great location. However, if you have a chance to go, I would recommend Raging Water Sports in St. Augustine. They were a much better experience from our previous trip. The rental itself is about fifteen dollars more, but it’s so worth it. The staff was much faster and more courteous. Not to mention there were way more waves to have fun on!

Pictures by Sophie


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