DIY Coffee Station

A year or two ago I saw the cutest pin of a coffee station on Pinterest. I pinned it and totally forgot about it until this recent move! I decided I wanted to make one. It’s ended up looking completely different than the one I originally liked, but it is catered to our style and I love it. I started with a rough sketch and went from there… I knew I wanted to hang my cups, incorporate a chalkboard, and to make the station a focal point. I honestly love how it turned out! The counter/table the Kuireg is standing on was ordered from Wayfair. (we ordered the coffee station table and our coffee table from the same collection!) However, the wall hangings are what I am most proud of. I made them!!

First, I sketched out the general idea and guessed the measurements. Then I took painters tape and taped it off like I was actually hanging it. The tape outlines gave me a much better idea of what I wanted the spacing and measurements to be. Here is what I ended up putting on the shopping list.


3 1×4 cut at 52 inches long

2 1×4 cut at 22 inches long

one slab of wood cut at 28×16 inches

Minwax Wood Finish (Dark Walnut 2716)

Blue Hawk Oil Based paint brush

220 fine sandpaper block

one box 5/8 wire nails

one box picture hangers

20 Gatehouse One Prong Robe Hook


** old rags, old sheet, masking tape, and a hammer **

 Saturday morning I ran to Lowes to pick everything up. When I got home I started by sanding every inch of wood that would be exposed. It really didn’t take as long as I thought it would! After each piece was done I took a damp cloth and wiped away any dust. Then I let it dry in the sun.

Next, I spread out the boards on top of my old painting sheet and applied a coat of stain to each board (generously) and in long strokes. I let it sit for fifteen minutes before wiping it off. (Make sure you wipe with the grain of the wood.) I absolutely adore the color. It turned out so perfect!!

After the stain had dried I used a pencil to mark off where each hook belonged. I placed hooks on both 22in and two of the 52 inch 1×4 boards. (Leaving on 52 inch board alone.) I placed three hooks on the shorter ones and seven hooks on the longer planks.After marking the placement of the hooks we pre-drilled holes. Then I had Michael screw the hooks in for me. (He’s much handier than I am.) The spacing stands as follows:

52 inch board with seven hooks: Five inches between the board edges and the first/last hook. Seven inches between each hook.

22 inch board with three hooks: Four inches between the boards edges and the first/last hook. Seven inches between each hook.

Now that I had my coffee mug racks I needed to fill in with my two decoration pieces. The stained 52 inch 1×4 was waiting to be lettered for a saying. The other piece was for a chalkboard! After this post I will start to work on my super easy, DIY chalkboard tutorial! All that was left was to hang it up in the new home. I am so excited to share this with you! 

Hopefully it inspires you to try your own DIY craft!

(Shout out to Soph for the picture of my station.  You rock!!) 


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