DIY Wooden Chalkboard 

This chalkboard was part of my Coffee Station DIY project that I posted about last week. I absolutely love it!!

I started with a piece of wood cut down to 16×28. Yours obviously doesn’t need to be that size, but it fits in perfectly with the coffee mug hooks! I brought it home and used my 220 fine sandpaper to sand all the sides and edges.

Next I started taping off the edges with painters tape. This was literally the most time consuming because I needed it to line the edges perfectly and it had to lay completely flat.

Once this was done I used American Decor Chalk Acrylic to paint the face of the chalkboard. It was fifty percent off at Joanns! (Make sure you paint only with the grain in long strokes.)

The first coat looked great once it dried, but I put on a second coat just to be sure. After it was dry I pulled it off for the great reveal!!

Next I used the same “dark walnut 2716” wood stain. I just painted the exposed wood, taking care not to apply any to the chalk paint. In retrospect it might have been easier to stain the board first, however I didn’t know if the stain would effect the chalk paint.  It wasn’t a big deal to me to just stain second! Then I let the board hang out in the sun to dry.

The final step was to (have Michael) attach picture hanging metal pieces to the back, one in each top corner. Then I was in business!!! Seriously so easy and totally affordable.  In all it cost me about $15 to make!


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