Easy & Quick Chicken Tiki Marsala

I love having dinner on the table for Michael, but honestly sometimes I am super short on time. So when I find a great tasting meal that is easy to prepare, I am all about it! Last night I made one of Michael’s favorite meals, and it only took like thirty minutes to prepare! I wanted to share it with y’all today.

To start off, no it is not completely from scratch. Hate all you want, sometime you don’t have time for all that! I can obviously agree that it isn’t as good as when it is made fresh at our favorite Indian place, Bombay Palace (West End, across from the Chipotle.) However, it is still a DELICIOUS meal that is both quick and super affordable! Here is what you will need (I bought all of my ingredients at Publix) :

  • Jasmine rice
  • One pepper (I did 1/3 of a red, orange, & yellow pepper for no other reason than it’s prettier)
  • Sharwood’s Chicken Tiki Marsala
  • Chicken breast/cutlets according to personal taste
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Stonefirs Tandoor Garlic Naan

Literally that is all you need! I start with the rice. We have the cutest little rice cooker and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It makes dinner so much easier. (It even has a timer on it so I could set it and leave for work and it would be done when I got home.) Anyways, I wash the rice then get it started before I start anything else- it is the most time consuming part of the entire dinner.

Next I dice up the peppers. I prefer to make them larger. Then I cut the fat off of the chicken and cut it into about one to two inch long pieces. Meanwhile I have half a tablespoon of butter melting in a nonstick frying pan. Once the butter it is melted I cook the chicken. When the chicken is a light brown on each side I plate it and put it to the side. Next a use the remaining butter to saute the peppers on a medium high.

When they are finished I put the peppers on the plate as well and I wipe out the pan. When the leftover butter has been cleaned out I pour the chicken and peppers back into the pan. Next I pour the sauce in. I let it sit on a low heat to warm everything. While that is going I put the garlic naan into the oven, per the instructions on the back of the package. When it is done I cut it into fourths. Finally, once the rice finishes, dinner is served!

I hope you enjoy this super easy to make meal as much as we do! Let me know how it goes!


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