The Dollar Shave Club’s Newest Member: Michael

Last week we decided to sign my husband up for a monthly subscription with the Dollar Shave Club. I had seen a few adds before, but didn’t think about it until Michael brought it up! We decided to look into it.

A few things I immediately liked about the company is that you can cancel at any time for zero fees. I also like that you could set your account to deliver according to your needs. (We decided to sign Michael up for every other month). I was also excited because they were doing  a promotion where if we signed up he got a free shave butter.

I also really liked the three different plan options. The “Humble Twin” for $1.00 a month (plus $2.00 S&H). Or you can upgrade to “The 4X” for $6.00 a month, no S&H. The last plan, and the one we chose, is “The Executive” for $9.00 a month, no S&H. The different plans come with different blades and cartridge refill amounts. Michael’s razor is a stainless steel, six blade razor that ships with four cartridge replacements per month. (For us, every other month). It has a trimmer, 90 degree pivot head, and the razor has lubricating strips made with aloe, vitamin E, and lavender.

Currently when we have to get new razor heads for Michael they cost $22 pre tax for a package of 4. With the package we chose he is paying $9.00 per order for four razor heads! Plus his first order included the razor handle. So it ends up being a really good deal! (Plus you can add on a bunch of stuff like lotions, chapsticks, hair product, or sunscreen for a great price is you want!)

We ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived the following Tuesday. So really that wasn’t a long wait at all!

The package was packaged adorably.  It included:

  •  the shave butter
  •  the four razor heads
  •  a sturdy handle (Michael said there is a great weight to it)
  • members handbook.

So far Michael is loving it. I love the convenience and great price.  I will keep you updated on how we feel about it after a few months though! If you want to try it out, please use this link so they know we sent you!!


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