The Honest Company Free Trial

A week ago I saw an ad for the The Honest Company. They were promoting their free trial of both some of their essential household products and their baby products. The catch is, you have to sign up for their subscription service. However, you do have seven days to cancel your subscription from the day it is delivered (with no cancelation fees). You get quite a bit of product and only have to pay $5.95 in shipping.

So last Thursday I decided to order the trial sample of their essentials bundle. I got an email saying the shipping label was created less than twelve hours after I signed up! (The product arrived the following Wednesday in the same box.) The box was adorable. It included

  • seven Newborn sized diapers (you get to chose your size when you order)
  • a pack of wipes (10 count)
  • sample size face and body lotion
  • sample size hand soap
  • sample size shampoo and body wash
  • sample size multi surface cleaner
  • sample size organic healing bomb
  • Honest Company Welcome Guide

So far, we have tried the lotions, cleaner, and hand soap and we love them! They smell great and are very attractively packaged. I am so glad we decided to try it. (The diapers and wipes have been thrown into a tote in a closet for unknown future needs.) We are even debating signing up for the monthly “essentials” bundle subscription. You pay $35.95 per bundle and get five products. (Just for comparisons sake, we chose five items and compared them to the combined prices of the same type of items that we usually buy. It was less than a dollar price difference.) It really is a good deal for the convenience and we love the integrity behind the product. Plus, we both love getting packages in the mail haha.

If you want to try out the company, use this link so they know I sent you their way!(: It will provide you with $10 off of your first purchase. (The lotion I loved is $9.95 so you would literally only pay shipping). I highly recommend it!


4 thoughts on “The Honest Company Free Trial

    • It totally is!! You should follow the link at the bottom of the post. You get $10 off of your first purchase!(: and if your product is under ten the remaining go towards shipping. (At least it did for my friend!)


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