Impromptu DIY Key Rack 

You might remember me posting about a pretty epic coffee station I created a little while ago. Well if it wasn’t cool enough, I managed to use the last remaining wood scrap to make an adorable matching key rack! 

The piece I used was actually my tester board for the stain. Then it was a tester for the chalk paint. I just used the untested backside! We sanded it and wiped it down with a damp rag. Then used some leftover stain from beforehand. (Dark walnut 2716) After it dried, we attached Gate House Double Clothes Hook. They are the matching set to the hooks used for the coffee mugs! (Which I love. In case you don’t know my love for well matched furniture.) 

The last step was for Michael to attach our last leftover picture hanging metal piece from our Chalkboard and Memo Board projects. (Please note the beautiful sample paints hahah.)

The final project was so perfect!!!! I love it. Best part? The only thing we bought was the hooks. ($3.98 for two.) The rest was leftover material from past projects! Now that is a win in my book. 


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