Middle State Coffee

Last May I blogged about my time in Boulder, Colorado. It was so much fun! One thing I got to do was go to the Alpine Modern Cafe with Gia. It’s located in Boulder pretty close to the base of some great trails. I didn’t realize it at first but it’s not only a coffee bar, but also an online shop! 

// picture by Gia 

The outside was cute, but the back bar was what grabbed my attention. It was all electric and the equipment was built into the white granite counter. I made a comment to the barista and he actually let me come behind the bar to look at everything. It was so beautiful! The barista was really sweet and I appreciated how friendly he was! 

 I decided to try the house made lemonade… Oh my gosh. Literally to die for. It was so good! I also ended up buying a bag of Kenya coffee to take home to Michael. It’s made by Middle State Coffee. Their website and product is labeled saying “Middle State Coffee is focused and commuted to sourcing, buying, and roasting the best coffee we can find. Beyond that we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We believe coffee is best served with a good sense of humor and a smile.” I love how they started with such a bold statement, but followed it with some humility. I also loved that the label included the elevation it was roasted at.

There were a few options, but I bought a pound of the Ndiaini/Kenya. The description says “Guaua, Juicy, Tart, Green Apple, Complex.” Michael was so thrilled when I gave it to him. However in the move it got forgotten about. We actually just ground the beans up this weekend. Michael reports that it is totally delicious! He loves how dark it is. He also said the flavor is amazing. 

I think it was a total win. I can’t wait to take Michael to that cafe next July! It’s going to be so fun. Totally check out the Alpine Modern Cafe’s Instagram here. And then check out Middle State Coffee’s Instagram here.



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