Monell’s at the Manor 

This morning we had breakfast at a popular restaurant, Monell’s at the Manor. They have three locations, we went to the one on Murfreesboro Road. (The only other location we have been to was in the German Town area of Nashville. It was smaller, but just as good.) The way it works is they have long tables for community seating. Once your party is seated they bring out baskets and dishes of food. You don’t specifically choose your menu, you just choose what dishes you want to eat out of. It’s all good ole southern cookin. 
We got there in time for brunch. They served fried chicken, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, bacon, country ham, sausage, cheese grits, cornbread pudding, eggs, fried potatoes, pancakes, fried apples, and marmalade. Literally so much food! (My favorite were the fried potatoes. Michael was partial to their fried chicken with the gravy.) 

The restaurant was a very casual setting, despite the gorgeous building it was in.  I felt comfortable in flip flops and a cute top. Other members of the party ranged from old T shirts to dress pants and a button down. The staff was attentive and helpful. Despite our 17 person party they were calm, collected, and kind. 

While you’re there you also have to go up their beautiful wood staircase to the upstairs rooms. They are decorated in era. So fun! Overall, I totally recommend it. $14.95 for an all you can eat, great quality meal. 


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