Door Dash

A couple of weeks ago Sophie introduced me to an app called DoorDash… Where has this been all my life! It’s an app that allows you to order food from participating surrounding restaurants and have it delivered straight to your door. Or in this case, your classroom building! With our crazy schedules it is so amazing!! Plus, I seriously hate driving. (I’m really not kidding. I think of all sorts of crazy reasons on a regular basis why Michael should have to drive me somewhere. The only thing I hate more than driving is pumping gas! Luckily, I’ve become a pro at conserving gas until Michael gets home.)
You simply choose from the app’s list of restaurants, place your order, provide any special instructions, and plug in your address! You pay for your food through the app. Then you pay a delivery fee. The fee varies by restaurant. For example, if I want my favorite Indian food delivered it costs me about $3.00. However, Panara is almost $4.00. The app also features a list of “specials.” These can be restaurants who are doing promotions on food prices, discounted deliveries, or even free limited time deliveries!
I now this sounds dangerous… you could have your delicious food delivered without getting up from your Netflix binge? It might be tempting order ALL your meals this way. (And you could, there are so many bakeries and other choices available.) So, one way to be fiscally responsible is to get your friends to sign up! If you get a friend to place their first order you get $7.00 off of your next order. If you are a light lunch eater like me, that is your whole meal! Plus, once you download, your first week of deliveries are free! Follow my referral code to get started! (Also, just pointing out, by download and making your first order, you are giving a young college student- namely, me- a free meal. That’s vey nice of you! You rock!)
If I was going to recommend any new app to download, it would totally be this one!! I am loving it!

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