Taking Off for London 

Here we go! We are waiting to board the plan for the start of our epic trip to London, England! It’s been a whirl wind of a week and I am so beyond thrilled to get away from everything. I’m also excited to (hopefully) get some sleep. We will be staying with my fabulous aunt and uncle in their house for the next seven days and exploring the city. 
First we have an eight hour layover in Toronto, Canada. We are still debating whether or not we want to try and walk around for a minute! Then we will sleep our way over to England, landing in London 9am Saturday.  

We have a few great days planned. I also have planned the MOST AMAZING surprise for Michael’s birthday. (He’s turning 26 this year.) Michael is not going to believe it! I can’t wait I’ll I get to tell y’all about how much fun he has! 

If anyone has any last minute MUST DO sights, please comment below! (You don’t have to have a WordPress account). I would love to try and do them all! 

Looking forward to sharing all of our crazy fun adventures!! Prayers for a safe flight 💕


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