London: Day Two

Sunday morning Michael and I slept straight in until noon! It felt so good to sleep. We have been going nine thousand miles an hour (kilometers?). Once we woke up I did some homework- gross- and we just took it easy with the family until we had an early dinner. Then we decided to take the tube downtown.
We headed first to St. Peter’s cathedral. We missed going inside by like thirty minutes, but honestly I didn’t mind. We spent a good hour walking around it admiring the gorgeous architecture. Then we jumped on a bus and headed down to the water front to see the Tower Bridge all lit up! It was so beautiful. I tried to take a picture, but honestly it couldn’t do it justice. We also walked by the Tower of London and Michael ordered his first sample of fish and chips from the Ted’s Fish and Chips across the street! He was, of course, absolutely delighted with it! He literally scarfed them down.

Then we just walked around with the family. It was really cute. Andrew put one of the girls on his shoulders and Michael had a different cousin on his. It made me feel all mushy!! It was so fun spending time with them.That night we stayed up late telling stories before heading to bed. Overall, a great day!



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