London: Day Three


Monday, or day three of being in London, was a crazy day! My Fitbit said I walked over 21,000 steps! I usually average 12,000… so that is a lot!! We started the morning by heading down to Liecester square with Amy to buy tickets for Les Mis that night! If you buy them at the right booth the day of performances were a steal! We got center seats, row twelve for £45 a person. Not bad at all! Then we all walked around the seven points area, suggested by my uncle David. It was really cool! The best comparison I could make would be to our East Nashville. Definitely a little hipster. It was unique, fun, and really cute. We explored a few clothing shops, a record store, and a seriously cool board game store (Orcs Nest). If it wasn’t freezing we would have gone into the cutest ice cream shop I’ve ever seen! Instead we stopped into a Nero Cafe, which was still good.

// Shoes: Lucky 
After that we walked over to the rightly recommended Covent Gardens (thanks Susan)! It was a beautiful shopping area. We tried this one place called Ben’s cookies, the cookies were enormous! There were also street performers and venders, as well as tons of gorgeous shops. I loved that area, it was very clean and entertaining.

Next Amy headed home and we walked over to the National Gallery to see some paintings! The square right in front, trafalga square, was absolutely beautiful! So we took some time just sitting and admiring.

We would have stayed longer, but a protest was underway and the noise was a little irritating. So we headed into the museum. I knew I would spend the whole day in the museum if I were to let myself. So, (once again, great suggestion uncle David) I went online and looked up what rooms the painting I wanted to see most were in. I know I missed so many great prices, but I really wanted to hit some famous works. All of these artists were on level two and easy to find.

Room 8- Michael Angelo 

Room 24-Rembrandt 
Room 41- Monet 

Room 42- Renoir 

Room 43- Van Gogh 
Room 60  Raphael 

Room 66- Leonardo Da Vinci

After the museums we headed over to Old Bond Street. Well, better said, we wandered around completely lost until we stumbled upon it. Once there we walked by the beautiful shops, stopping at my personal favorite. That’s right, Tiffany & Co. That store definitely has a back story for Michael and I, but I will share that later. For this stops purposes I just have to say how sweet Michael is! He had worked a present into our travel budget. So we added another flag ship location to our goal of going to a T&Co in every country. He bought me the most beautiful bracelet!! I absolutely love it. I have wanted it for a while now, so it made it even better!

After that I was in a fabulous mood (no surprise there)! I didn’t even mind the somewhat confusing walk to out next stop, dinner. On two separate recommendations we decided to eat at Marsala Zone! It was WONDERFUL. I got a butter chicken and Michael ordered paneer lababdar. We also prefer garlic naan and, of course, samosas. It was all so delicious. I didn’t like the Samosa as much as the ones Bombay Palace makes, but everything else was really high quality (Bombay is my FAVORITE place to eat in downtown Nashville). Somehow we managed to eat all of our food, so we went back to the waking!
We were right next to an apparently famous fashion district of London, Carnaby Street. So we wandered round looking at all of the assorted shops. Some products we really loved, while others were bewildering! After about an hour we stopped by a Costa coffee shop so that Michael could grab a cup of coffee.
The Costa was directly in front of the Queen’s Theater, our last event of the night. Joey and Amy joined us for the 7:30 showing of Les Miserables. Overall the show was really entertaining! The John Val John was great. Also, the Thenardier actor was the funniest I have ever seen!! (That’s in comparison with three separate live shows and both movies).  The actor, Phil Daniels even had the perfect body, if you can say there is a perfect body for that character. He was lanky and thin, with a large nose and a fantastically animated face. Michael was absolutely dying with laughter! (This was his first live musical and he reports that besides the “stupid love drama” he liked it a lot.) The Fontaine, (though in comparison to myself, very talented) in my opinion, wasn’t great. I was really disappointed!! Also, I don’t know if this is okay to say, but I was also surprised with how unimpressive the building was. After all, the name says the QUEEN’S theater. I don’t think she would be very pleased. However, still a great experience and I am so glad we got to take Michael. (I’m happy to report he has been humming Les Mis ever since).

After the show we all jumped back on the central line and headed home. The night was perfectly ended with snacks and laughter. This was definitely a high contender for a perfect day!


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  1. Wow your blog is so great! I really enjoyed looking through your posts! It’s so neat to meet people from all over and follow their adventures and see what they do! Looking forward to more!


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