Let’s start by saying it’s crazy how God works. Everyone knows (I’ve even written about it on the blog) that I am baby crazy! I definitely have the fever. Well a few weeks ago on a Thursday Michael and I decided that we were going to wait a MINIMUM of a year before we would start to try to have kids. It was a hard decision to come to, but somehow I felt at peace with it. Four days later I woke up with the STRANGEST feeling that I should take a pregnancy test. It was over a week before my cycle would begin so there was no reason I should. I thought maybe the subject was just on my brain since we had just laid out a plan. Either way, while Michael took a nap (I didn’t want him to laugh at me) I ran to the grocery store and bought a home pregnancy test. 
The box says wait five minutes for results. I did the dishes and wandered around before casually walking in and flipping the test over. I was absolutely expecting a negative, so when I saw the two bright and bold pink lines my jaw dropped. I could barely stay standing as my eyes filled with tears. 
It did not feel real AT ALL. I took a second test, quietly as possible. It occurred to me that I should wake up Michael, but somehow I felt that the test must be wrong. A second test resulted positive again! On both tests the result line was darker than the control line, screaming “You’re PREGNANT!!!” 
I decided to wait until the next morning to tell Michael, I wanted to make it special (I can’t wait to tell you about it in my next post). And now, after our first ultrasound I finally get to tell everyone else! 
People always say that God’s timing is perfect timing, apparently God wanted that baby to be NOW. Not in a year or more! So … we are having a baby!!!! 


12 thoughts on “WE’RE PREGNANT!! 

  1. LOVE YOU GUYS! I’m remembering our conversation at the lunch table at church that day at the Guatemala chili Sunday where we discussed waiting vs. going for it. So proud of you for choosing the path of faith. You will never regret it!!!!!


  2. Emily and Eric both were God’s plan preempting our plans! He gave us such wonderful surprise gifts. I’m forever grateful that He didn’t hold back even when our logical decisions based on circumstances at those times seemed to be so ‘wise’. We love you and are so excited!


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