Coffee Mug Daddy Reveal 

I am an extremely emotional person. I also love to shop… So when I woke up one morning feeling especially hormonal I decided that I needed to order something to tell Michael I was pregnant (just to clarify, this is literally MONTHS before I was even pregnant, I have a serious shopping problem. I already have everyone’s Christmas presents picked out and half bought). I spent the morning searching through the results of my “pregnancy reveal to husband” search while my sweet, unsuspecting husband slept curled up next to me.
My rationing (accompanied with leftover hormones from watching a pregnancy reveal video on Facebook) was that if and when I did get pregnant I wanted to tell Michael in a cute, special way. However, I am so not patient. So I knew I needed to have it on hand because I was not going to be able to wait for something to ship. I sorted through dozens of good ideas.  But my heart fell in love with a coffee cup. (Possibly because of the recently built, daily admired coffee station I built.) I found several coffee mugs, but this one was the winner.  It reads

“Only the very best Hubbys get promoted to daddies. #werepreggo”

It’s made by an Etsy shop called BigSkyBibs, based in Florence, Montana. I ordered it on a Sunday and it shipped the next day. It arrived the following Friday afternoon. The mug was $16.99 plus shipping, so it ended up being about $21. It is definitely worth it (at least emotionally, the mug wasn’t exactly what I expected. It arrived with the Costco print receipt. I could have gone into my Costco and had it printed for much less). His face was so priceless though that it was worth it!!!

I also ordered a shirt because… Well obviously I was pretty darn hormonal. Plus it’s SO CUTE. The shirt is by an Etsy shop called TrendingTops and it says “Honey I’m Pregnant.” I knew I wanted to do the mug, but I figured the occasion called for a special “outfit” as well! The shirt was only $14 and with shipping it came out at about $19. I ordered it seconds after the mug and it shipped the same day as the mug too! The shirt arrived that next Saturday morning.

Fast forward a few months and I was actually pregnant! I found out on a Saturday afternoon. I planned to tell him Sunday morning at breakfast. I could barley sleep, waking up at 5am. I impatiently fiddled around the house until an acceptable time to wake Michael (7:30). I didn’t want him to be grouchy because I woke him up when I told him, but this was the longest I could wait! I made him a big breakfast, hid the video camera, and called him in. He came and sat down and I brought over his mug… it took him a second.  His eyes teared up and … okay I’m getting mushy.  You can just watch the video later.

Anyways.  The coffee cup reveal was a total win. It was a very sweet moment! I am so glad that I spazzed out and ordered those two things because I was really not expecting to be pregnant and it would have been horrible to have to wait to get those items in after I found out!


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