Things to Toss to Make Room for Life

 Okay I can admit it, I can sometimes be a bit of a collector (nice word for hoarder). Every now and then I have a desire to clean some of it out, but I never know where to start! So I have compiled a list of items you can toss to start uncluttering you life! These are all things I have been guilty in the last of holding on to for too long. 

  • Expired makeup
  • Old perfume samples
  • Old and forgotten makeup bags
  • The hotel soaps you kept
  • Scratched DVDs
  • Scratched CDs (or all CDs if you’ve gone to the cloud)
  • Old mementos from your past significant other
  • Scraps of wrapping/tissue paper
  • Stained/chipped coffee cups
  • Tacky picture frames
  • Old letters with no huge sentimental value
  • Old receipts
  • Old shopping bags
  • Expired coupons
  • Used and gross sponges 
  • Stained clothing & under garments
  • Accidentally ripped clothing
  • Tacky T shirts you decorated in high school
  • Vitamins you bought to be “healthy” that expired unused
  • Unmatched socks
  • Shoes that haven’t been worn in over two years
  • Worn out belts with obvious tears
  • Old school spiral notebooks with irrelevant notes
  • Failed Pinterest crafts
  • Expired batteries 
  • Unneeded business cards
  • Unmatched earrings
  • Broken jewelry (that isn’t worth more than the cost to repair it)
  • Used gift cards
  • Expired canned goods
  • The 50 leftover wedding/graduation/baby announcements 
  • Charging chords with no device
  • Old TV remotes 
  • Pet toys that have seen better days
  • Junky plastic hangers from Target
  • Chipped dishes 
  • Lame promotional mugs and cups 
  • Stained or “lid less ” Tupperware 
  • Scratched glasses and sun glasses 
  • Fast food condiment packets 
  • Dried flowers you thought you needed, but you never did anything with 


So get started! Declutter a little and breathe easier. Let me know if you stumble upon something that I should add to the list.


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