Kate Spade Christmas Cards

There are a few things in life that I truly believe. One of those things is the irreplaceable magic of a handwritten letter. No text message or email will ever be as rewarding as opening the mailbox and seeing a letter addressed to you!

No text message saying “thanks” will ever feel as heartfelt as a letter. In the same, Christmas ecards can’t compare to an envelope in your mail box! Which is why I absolutely LOVE sending out my Christmas cards every year. This year  bought my cards in October! I admit that’s early, but I found the most perfect cards and I knew nothing would ever be able to compare.

The cards are the “jingle all the way” holiday card set by Kate Spade! They are so beyond cute. There is a little sketch of a dog with a string of candy canes. The message inside says “jingle all the way.” The envelopes are so darling! I also had one box of one of last year’s Kate Spade holiday card sets. I found them after I had already mailed out our cards. So I bought a box and packed them up with the Christmas ornaments for this year! They are really clever. On the front of the card there are three French hens, complete with cigars, baguettes, and barrettes. On the inside it reads “and a partridge in a pear tree.”

I am so excited to mail these out! I bought my Christmas stamps last week and have just finished addressing the envelopes. I honestly wish I had picked up more, I was a few short. (No worries, I improvised and made a few hand made cards as well!) Anyways, I hope you take the time to write a Christmas note or two and mail it out this season! Here is a picture or two of my favorite holiday cards yet!



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