Gender Prediction Wives Tales

We find out the gender of the baby THIS AFTERNOON. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I can not believe it. I decided before we get the answer to our LONG anticipated question I would look back at some of the fun (and possibly crazy) gender prediction wives tales! I thought it might be fun to know if they had any “accuracy.”

Placenta Placement: In this test you ask the ultrasound tech where in the placenta the baby is resting. If the baby is in top or bottom right this indicates a boy. Meanwhile, top or bottom left predicts a girl! We asked our ultrasound tech and she said the baby was curled up in the left, indicating a baby girl! 

Ring Swing: There is one wives tale that involves pulling out on of your hairs and sliding your wedding ring onto it. Then you move it in a certain patter (depends what source) and then you stop moving. If the ring continues to spin it will be a boy, if your ring swings back and forth, it is a girl. Sophie came over one night and told me about it! We decided to try. My result? A girl! 

Heartbeat: Another popular Pinterest predictor was about the heartbeat. Supposedly if the heart beat was lower than 140 bpm this predicted a baby boy. A heart beat higher than 140 bpm indicated a little girl! According to this test, I would be having a girl! At eight weeks the baby’s precious heart was pumping away at 150 bpm.

Salt vs. Sweet:This test proposed that if you constantly want sour or salty foods you are carrying a boy. Sweet foods (and some sources said orange juice) indicate a growing girl! I don’t think i have craved anything salty per say. However, I have been eating sweet tarts non stop! What does that mean? That is the candy that is literally made to be sweet and sour. However, I haven’t wanted any other sweets on a regular basis… So I am going to say I crave sour. This indicates a sweet baby boy! 

Skin: Another predicting idea is that if you have better skin than ever before you are carrying a boy. Meanwhile, having worse skin indicates a girl. I am having the worst breakouts of my life! It is disgusting. So that would be a strong vote for girl! 

Sleep: This test proposes that if you sleep on your left side you are growing a boy. meanwhile, sleeping on your right indicated a growing girl. I have been sleeping mainly on my left, so one more vote for boy! 

Morning Sickness: (First off gross. I hate being sick, and boy have I been sick.) This test says no morning sickness means a boy, while having sickness indicates a girl. This seems to be based off of a notion about hormones. For me, this indicates a VERY hormonal little girl!!

Age at Conception: This predictor was odd to me, however I saw it several times! Supposedly if you take your age at conception and add the number of the month of conception it could predict gender. An odd number signified a boy while an even number predicted a girl. This predicts a little boy for me!

There are a few more tests you can do, however most of them involve urine. I am so not down with that, sorry! So in the end, of those eight tests I received three predictions for a boy and five that the baby is a girl! I guess we will find out soon enough! We aren’t announcing gender until Friday when we can tell the whole family at the same time.  Until then- do you have any guesses!?! 

// jeans: Lucky Brand // shirt: Ann Taylor Petite // sweater: New York & Company // Fitbit: Alta //rings: Tiffany & Co and Genesis Diamond 

Also featuring my belly band because I can’t zip my pants up!! It’s been such a life saver- and it just looks like a lace cami! 


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