Gender Reveal Ultrasound Appointment- It’s A Girl!

December 20th we headed down to Nashville Baby 4D to do an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby! I was so nervous. As we drive closer my heart was pounding. I just kept imagining it having an extra arm or something horrible that we would discover. 
Luckily the technician was super fun and I was soon at ease. The viewing room was so cool! It was set up almost like a movie theater. There was a large, high quality projector screen in front of some very comfortable leather couches. We were soon settled in and ready to go! 
The goop was glopped and the technician started. I let out some serious giggling the second the wand touched my stomach! You could immediately see the cutest outline of a baby ever! It was positioned just perfectly to where you could see it’s profile. I was in love. The tech also pointed out it’s heart. SO amazing! That had Michael in total awe! You could see it pounding away, it was out of this world. (145bpm- the slowest it’s ever been so far, even slower than at our 8 week ultrasound!) I started crying. It was so real watching that baby moving its arms and kicking it’s legs. It was amazing. 
The tech was busy snapping away pictures, cheerfully talking. She told us fairly soon after we started that she was almost certain of gender, but that the baby was holding the umbilical chord between it’s legs and until we got it to move the chord she don’t want to give us anything definite. She had me bounce around on the ball and drink some very cold water- the baby moved all sorts of around, but that chord was squeezed tight!! She showed us on the screen exactly where the chord was, it was so funny! 
After another go on the ball the sweet little one finally moved the chord. The tech took a few shots and then announced she was sure… It’s a girl!!! We both were a squeaking, laughing mess! I definitely started crying. It was so fun. She let us watch the baby for a few more minutes before we heard her next appointment walk in the front door and had to wrap it up.
In the end I was surprised to see that we had actually been watching the baby move around for almost an entire hour! Its was so captivating. The technician was so kind and totally had fun with us. It was amazing (have I overused that word yet?) and I loved it! I seriously am so thankful for the wonderful experience we had. I would highly recommend using them!

** Keep in mind that this center is considered “elective” and is thus not covered by insurance. However, after tax it only cost us $65 so I think it was ABSOLUTELY worth it to find out gender at 16 weeks, rather than 20 like my doctor has scheduled. (Technically, they can actually see it at 15 weeks. Also, if for some reason they can’t get the baby to cooperate you come again for free. The tech we talked to said she usually has the couple walk around and get food then come back. Seriously, not a bad deal at all!)



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