My Inspired Help Baby Shower

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ve heard me mention a local event planning company, Inspired Help. Inspired Help was the genius behind our GORGEOUS wedding style shoot. (Also, our wedding invitations). The main amazing woman behind the company is Brittany. She just so happens to be married to Michael’s best friend- making her Aunt Brittany to our soon to come baby girl!!

Brittany is one of the most creative, talented people I know. So when she offered to throw our shower I was THRILLED. I sent her some Pinterest pins of things I like and told her I 100% trusted her.
Brittany handled the invitations and all the decorations, so my mom only had to prepare the food and one of my “sisters,” Virginia, prepared a game. (She brought Polaroid film and had people write Nolie a letter to open on her 18th birthday.  Then they included a photo of what they looked like that day). It was so nice for us not to have to worry about any of it! I had zero concerns because I know Brittany never doesn’t anything less than excellent.
Saturday morning I was so excited I couldn’t sleep at all. I literally laid in bed for three hours waiting for an acceptable time to wake Michael up. The morning was spent at my moms house getting ready and prepping some small things like fruit salad. When it finally came time to go over to the clubhouse I was so excited! Everything was beautiful. Brittany had created a gorgeous space with vases and cases of my favorite flowers!! Everyone commented on how beautiful it was.
So many of our friends and family were able to come to and they showered us in so much love. It was actually really overwhelming. I am so blessed and I am so thankful that our little girl will grow up with so much support!!

If you have any event planning needs, you seriously should look into Inspired Help. Brittany and her team are the most hard working, creative, detail oriented people I know. You will love it!!


Balloons: LovelyPartyStudio // Dress: Ross // Shoes: Aldo’s // Michael’s Shirt: J. Crew // Michael’s Jeans: Lucky // Michael’s Boots: Levi // Flower Crown: Hand made by Brittany

(All photos by Sophie Davison Photography)


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