DIY Mailbox Upgrade

One thing that I didn’t love about the house we bought was the mailbox. It was a light blue mailbox with painted flowers that was poorly and crookedly mounted on a white plastic base. There was almost no support, except a pipe they had shoved into the ground and placed the plastic post over. I know plenty of people who would love that painted mailbox, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. To each his (or in this case, her) own right? I like a more classic look. So the weekend we bought the house I immediately grabbed a new mailbox! First of all, I was unprepared to see how many options there were. The shape, size, and color of the mailbox itself created dozens of choices. Then there is the type and color of the stand. Plus, you can’t forget the house numbers- stickers, brushed metal, modern black, and more. After having a hunger induced mini breakdown I finally chose what I wanted to go with. Michael helped me pick out everything we would need to complete the project. Here is what we chose from Lowes (though I was at Home Depot the same day and they had basically the exact same thing for the exact same prices).

Shopping List: 

This is how we went about installing it all! First, we tore out the old one.  That wasn’t hard to do at all – like I said before, the previous owners had “installed it” by stabbing an old pipe into the ground and then sticking the cheap mailbox stand over it. For such a gorgeous house, I don’t understand such a tacky mailbox.

Second, we used our handy new post digger to dig our hole.  You’re going to want it to be as deep as 1/3 the total length of your post.  When we dug down it measured 26 inches, which was a tiny bit over 1/3, but better for me because the mailbox is the length I want for my height.  At first I was confused, maybe even skeptical about why we needed to buy a post digger when we already have a shovel.  However, I’ll have to admit that it made the job so easy and quick! I’m glad we didn’t skip that.

Next, ((but really on a different day because we have a baby so apparently that means projects take triple the amount of time expected)) I painted the mailbox post. I had bought a high quality paint made for outdoor use and it worked great.  The only thing I would change is we bought a cherry wood post.  I wouldn’t do that! I do not understand the science of it at all, but where the wood was naturally darker, it’s almost like the color seeped up over the white paint.  I can’t explain it! All I know is it took a second coat of white paint.  I wish we had gotten just the plain post- it was even a few dollars cheaper.  Anyways, one good thing is this dried fairly quickly.

After that, we brought the post out and stuck it into the hole.  I used a level to make sure it was completely straight! This is important.  Then we started the concrete mixture.  The instructions called for us to fill the hole 1/3 of the way up with water.  Then we dumped the entire bag of Sakrete into the hole.  You don’t have to mix or anything! We just added a little water to the top and triple checked the level as it hardened.  After about thirty minutes it had set! I was so impressed.  I would definitely recommend this product.

Then Michael attached the board to the mailbox base, allowing room for all of the ridges of he mailbox.  (Lay the board on top of the post where the mailbox will sit and screw directly down!) Then following the pre-drilled holes, he attached the mailbox to the screwed in wood panel. It finally looked like a real mailbox!!

Lastly, we attached the numbers.  I chose the ones we did because I found them to be sleek and attractive.  They were surprisingly harder to attach than expected. That said, I officially have a nice mailbox! I am so thrilled.  Thank you to my handsome husband who helped ((read: did most of)) this project.  I love you- and our new mailbox!

I hope y’all enjoyed this little DIY tutorial. Let me know if there is anything I should clear up! And stay tuned for more projects! We’re updating bathrooms, the kitchen, hallways, the yard, and more!


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