StyleBee’s 10×10 Challenge Recap!

Yesterday marked day ten of the ten-day closet challenge that I attempted after one of my blogger friends, Bailey, asked me to try it with her! It was a fun little adventure. In some ways it made my life easier. With limited choices, choosing what I’m going to wear went a lot quicker. However, it also meant that when the baby spat up on me and then I accidentally spilled spaghetti sauce when I was making dinner, I had limited choices in what to do.  Right now this isn’t a very feasible long term option. In this season of life I need to have back up clothes on back up clothes on back up clothes.

That said, so far the biggest thing I would’ve changed about my clothing choices would’ve been my shoes! I wanted to choose shoes that I thought would go well with my outfits, but let’s be honest, I’m a mom and choosing a pair of heels was so impractical. I mean, yes,  I got to wear them to church. But besides that when do I actually need to wear heels unless it’s date night? So it’s safe to say I definitely missed my Birkenstocks, but I am surprisingly happy that I utilized some of the less loved shoes in my closet.

One thing that I realized from this challenge is how versatile my closet can be. I went outside of my comfort zone, as the StyleBeee blog challenged, and choose a cotton skirt that I haven’t worn in three years. It was fun to get to use it again. It felt good to take advantage of what is in my closet.

This has been a fun experience! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks. Here is a peek of what I have been wearing the past few days. Thank you so much Bailey for challenging me! This was a fun thing to do with you and Laura Beth. If any of you decide to try this please tag me that I can follow along with your experience!

((All of the clothing brands and sizes worn are listed in my original post, here. The jewelry is a mix of a fossil watch and an assortment of rings & a pendant necklace from Tiffany & Co. The bracelets are from my MOPS group and the chunky black necklace is from the clearance table at Franchesca’s- $9 what what!! The black purse wallet is from Michael Kors. It is several seasons old, but it is a classic shape and they have an almost identical bag in sock today. The blurred out black bracelet was from Kate Spade’s 2016 cat themed novelty line, which isn’t being sold anymore!))

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A Step Towards Healing 

Monday morning we woke up and saw the terrible news about Las Vegas. My heart ached for the victims and their families who’s lives were changed forever. One of my most favorite people ever is staying with her husband on the strip in Las Vegas while the band he tours with has taken up residency there. Even though she was safe, I couldn’t help but spend my morning thinking about if her and her sweet new baby had been in the line of fire.  

Before my baby girl was born I worked for a lady who goes to church with my dad. My job primarily consisted of dropping things off to various offices around Nashville and picking up signed invoices. Now with the baby I don’t have time to do that very often, but still do a couple a times a month. Monday was one of those days. As I drove I flipped through stations on the radio. My heart broke as I heard the body count rise and as people shared their stories. I stopped for a while on one of my preset stations for a Christian radio show. The man was talking about learning to heal after tragedy. I listened briefly, but was still feeling incredibly emotional as I pulled into the office I was visiting- a pediatric dentists office. It hurt me to think that the people effected had moms that love their children as much as I love my baby.  

It felt like I walked into the office with a grey cloud looming over me. I quietly unloaded the product and brought it inside, completely stuck in my own head. As I walked in a little boy, maybe three or four, walked up to me without saying a word. He followed me around with huge eyes. His grandmother asked if he was bothering me and I replied he wasn’t. I asked the little boy if he wanted to help. He gave me a shy smile and without a word followed my every instruction. As we quietly arranged the product I brought, I couldn’t help but smile. Here was this little boy unaware of the evils of this world, unaware that our skin was a different color, unaware of the concept of selfishness. He only had honest curiosity and a desire to help. When I finished I gave him a quarter I had on me to “pay” him for his hard work. As I walked back to the car I realized that a tiny piece of my heart had been healed. I had been touched by this child’s genuine desires.

When I got home I scooped up my baby to kiss and to love. She smiled up at me with complete trust and adoration. I made one of her toys dance above her head and she laughed. And again, a tiny piece of my heart healed.  

Half an hour later we went to brunch at a house favorite, Monells at the Manor. The seating is set in communal fashion. When we arrived our table was empty, but soon an older couple joined us. After a few awkward minutes we had engaged them into a lively discussion of my love of bread. The jokes soon turned to conversation and we learned where they were from, what they did for a living, that she was retired Navy, and more. Soon, as all things seem to do lately, the conversation turned to politics. We agreed on some things, disagreed on others. However, more importantly than that- we all listened, we all shared, and we all respected each other. No one flung mud. No one stooped to cursing or name calling. We just had a conversation. (I am a big fan of conversations over meals. I think food brings people together and softens hearts. There is something unifying about sharing a meal with a person. It puts the participants on equal ground. I think there are tons of biblical examples of that). 

As we left that table I felt my heart get lighter. It gave me faith in honest conversations and respectful listening. I sat in thought as we drove on to our next destination. I recounted the events of the morning from my heartbreak to the current moment. I realized that I was still terribly sad for the victims of Las Vegas, and I was still mourning the wickedness around me. However, the authenticity of a child, the love and innocents of my baby, and the intelligent debate I had participated in had changed my perspective from that of the early morning. I had found some good and it was healing.  

As we go about the next weeks I hope we all pray for all of those suffering, wether from unexplained violence, natural disasters, or ignorant hate. However, I also encourage you to live in your moments. Don’t miss the small things that quietly heal our hearts and brighten our world if we let them. 

“Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love”
                                  — J. R. Tolkien 

One Day in Nashville: Culture, Food, and Fun 

Yesterday was so much fun. My cousin Stephanie is in town so we wanted to show her around some of our favorite places! Here is a run down of our day of local eats and fun exploring! 

We started off at Sweet Biscuits, a locally owned, small business that serves breakfast. We bought several different types of gourmet biscuits to share- ham and cheese, three cheese spinach and bacon, cranberry orange, and chocolate chip. 


From there we headed down to the Nashville Farmers Market!! It was bustling with families and local vendors. We made our first stop at my dads favorite booth — the farm milk. We bought regular and chocolate milk there. (The chocolate milk is so rich and creamy, it’s more of a dessert. We are obsessed). Then we wandered through the food and local crafts. It was so pretty! The weather was perfect and somehow it instantly felt like Fall. The fresh veggies, hay bales, and corn stalks set the perfect scene! Also, Nolie somehow slept through our entire time there! After wandering the booths and watching some live music we walked along the timeline monument that’s in the nearby Bicentennial Capital Mall State Park! It’s a beautiful area with gorgeous greenery and several different monuments and statues, including a “natural” amphitheater. The sunny skies, slight breeze, and laughing family made my heart so thankful.  


Next we jumped in the car so my dad could take us on a new adventure. We watched out the car window as the downtown skyline faded and we ended up on Nolensville road. After a somewhat sketchy stop for gas, we ended up at a place called Plaza Mariachi. (I’m including a link to their website here because I can’t even explain how cool it was!!) Apparently it’s an old Kroger that they renovated to look like a traditional Mexican outdoor market plaza. It has live music, these hanging curtain dancers, and fun vendors with tasty food! We tried the nachos at one place and a unique honey pizza at another. We also tried some fancy smoothie drinks with fresh fruit and then house made ice cream! There was so much to see and do. It was a seriously fun time. I can’t wait for Michael and I to have our next date night there! I’m definitely going to be taking him for the salsa night.  


After we watched a show (which happen in the main plaza throughout the day and is free) we took Stephanie to our last stop, the Shoppes on Fatherland. It’s a thriving new area of East Nashville that is dedicated to local business. We love it! We always go to this one store on the block that sells the coolest basalmic vinegars. Dad has become a sort of collector. Then we wandered around a few other stores, including one shop owned by a blogger I love!! It’s called the Shine Project. She employs inner city, first generation college student to make jewelry, of which the profits go into their college fund. Y’all have to check her out! 
After we finished up there we headed back home. We made delicious pasta and half baked cookies with ice cream. Seriously, it was an A+ kind of day.  

The New Blog in Town

I absolutely love lifestyle blogs. They are filled with genuine thoughts, fun projects, and pretty things. Who wouldn’t love that?! Recently one of my girlfriend’s from Trevecca started her very own blog, LB In the City.

It’s sparkling new, and yet I am already obsessed with it. Incredibly trendy, stylish photos, and fun content! You all HAVE to check it out! (Especially her charming bio! It makes you want to be her bestie). Last week she posted about some boutique finds. Her post included links and prices to everything she was wearing. It was so fun! I can’t wait to follow her adventures around Nashville.

So seriously… Check it out!!


Blog Plug LB

My Newest Obsession: Lush Shampoo

Back in April one of my best girlfriends came to visit.  We had a ton of fun! She also brought this amazing shampoo, Big Shampoo, from Lush.  I first noticed because her hair smelt seriously great.  It also looked thicker. She let me try it and I am so in love!

Last month Michael and I were out and stopped by the Lush store.  I decided to splurge and buy some! ($30 – I’m normally like a TJ Maxx finds girl).  I’m so obsessed with it. It was completely worth it! I’m trying to get more into how to manage all my hair – it’s really long, but thin. With new obstacles like wandering baby hands and the seemingly never ending baby throw up (obviously being dramatic, Nolie is actually not too bad in that area)- I need to start doing something with it to keep it up and out of the way… without giving in to the stereotypical mom bob!


I’ll let you know when I figure something out! Feel free to send me any ideas of your own.

Goodbye Summer! 

As summer comes to a close it’s crazy to think about how much has changed in just one season.  We have a perfect baby girl- who is growing crazy fast!! She can stand with minimum support, is mimicking talking, her head is completely supported, and more. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning it doesn’t even feel real. I’m so thankful for the blessing she is to us. She’s my number one cuddle bug! 


As we enter into fall I have been thinking of what I want to accomplish. The biggest goal I have for myself is to completely soak in every second. Sometimes I get so caught up in organizing my planner that I don’t remember to look up and experience what I’m doing.  I think I’ve been pretty good at enjoying every second of baby cuddles, but I really want to be intentional about it. I want to appreciate every second I have with my munchkin and husband.  What better time is there then today? 


I love the idea of short term, seasonal goals. Do you have a fall goal? Enjoy some pictures of our last family pool day! I’m going to miss that sun! 

Hand-Me-Down Sunday Best 

In case you hadn’t heard- hand me downs are the coolest. This past Sunday my sweet girl wore my old Sunday dress and shoes. It was incredibly precious! My heart was seriously melting. I am so thankful that my parents saved it (and a few others) for me. (Don’t mind her frowns, she was fighting sleep after being wide awake the entire church service and also kicking down a candlestick on a nearby table which caused the entire congragation to turn around and stare). 

// dress: Rebellion // Nolie’s dress: mommy’s memory box 

I think it’s so special. I am determined to keep a few of my favorite outfits, as well as my old clothing, for her future daughter! I think it would be amazing to keep that family history. 
That said, Nolie recently moved from her newborn to 0-3 month sized clothing. It’s been hard deciding what to keep and what to donate or give away! Even though I know we want one or two more kids, I don’t necessarily want to hold on to everything. If we don’t have another girl we will have BOXES AND BOXES of clothing. As of right now, we just don’t have the space- and the clothes keep on coming. My current method is to donate the clothes that didn’t work well for Nolie. For example, sleeper gowns. She HATED them. So I’m not necessarily attached to them! Besides that… the clothes are really just accumulating! 
Do you have any suggestions for how to decide what to keep? I would love to hear it! Comment below.