One Month Update

June 18th, 2017. 


Wow!!! I can’t believe that my sweet girl is now a month old. It’s so crazy, it feels unreal. Especially since she came three weeks early! 

She already has so much personality. She loves taking baths, but hates changing clothes. She also loves to be involved. She uses her arms to push herself up and looks all around! She’s incredibly strong. Nolie is also able to roll onto her stomach! I didn’t know newborns could even do that! (It’s terrifying). One thing I love is that if she is fussy she generally will stop if you sing to her! 

This month started out a little rough with the induction (you can read her birth story here) and then her extra night in the hospital (you can read about that here). However, she’s almost back to her birth weight and the jaundice is basically gone!! This month has also seen her first bath, first doctors appointment, first play date with Mia, and first trip to Target. Also, today is her first Father’s Day! So it’s been a pretty busy month. 

Little Nolie loves cuddling. I think that’s what I’ll miss the most, how she can just lay on my chest and sleep! It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced. She hums when she sleeps and it’s heart melting. I can barely stand it! If I had to make a guess, I would say she sleeps probably seventeen hours a day, spends maybe four hours eating, and the last three hours just looking at everything and taking it in. 

She is generally a good sleeper, however we’ve definitely had four or five tough nights where she was up every hour! On the flip side- we’ve also had five or six great nights where I’ve gotten about four hours straight. I even had one night where I got a little over five straight hours! It was amazing. She likes to sleep with her hands by her face. Or, if she’s laying on my chest she wraps them up around my neck (well, what she can reach). Before she was born I read so many blogs about how swaddling your baby is super comforting to them. Nolie actually doesn’t like it! You can swaddle her, but if you try to wrap those arms up – almost nothing makes her more mad, or loud!! 

The cats are doing really well. Legalos will cuddle with me when I’m holding her, but only if she’s asleep. When she’s awake he keeps his distance. Appa, on the other hand, LOVES her. He’s constantly at her side. He sleeps below her little swing when she’s in it. Almost every day when I sit down to breastfeed after lunch he jumps up and cuddles right up to us. He’s actually cuddled up with the two of us as I write this!! He hates when she cries. He will run up when she starts crying as if to comfort her. It melts my heart. Also, Appa loves all of her things. He loves to sleep in her glider, constantly tries to steal her crib (don’t worry, we won’t let him), and lays on her play mat swinging his paws at the hanging toys. It’s precious. 

I love this little munchkin so much. I can’t imagine my life without her!! We have been so incredibly blessed. I can’t wait to see the little person she grows into!! 

Early Moments: Dr. Seuss and his Friends “Free” Book Trial 

I love nothing more than a great deal, so when I saw this “free Dr. Seuss collection” I wanted to try it out. (Yes I know my baby won’t be able to read for ages, but it’s still exciting!) The way it works is you have to pay a $5.95 shipping fee. Then after your package arrives you have a set number of days to cancel your next order, or else it will start charging you monthly for a book subscription. I decided to try it out! I was a little concerned because I read some online reviews that said canceling was very difficult. However, I still decided to try. I ordered the set and it shipped five days later! The books were delivered an additional seven days after that. Overall, a twelve day process! 

The book set includes The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown can Moo, The Tooth Book, Go, Do, Go, and Ten Apples up on Top. The package also includes an activity book and a sticker sheet. They are all new and look great. After they arrived I set about trying to cancel my membership so that they didn’t start charging me monthly.

I called to cancel it the first time, but I was out on hold fifteen minutes. I had to give up because I needed to run to class. Next Michael tried and was on hold for thirty minutes before giving up. However, the third time Michael got through right away.  They said it was cancelled and that they would email us. I was a little nervous, but it ended up canceling and we have had no problems. So I would definitely say it was worth it!

Do you have any suggestions of great deals I should look into? 

“Baby Mama” Maternity Shirt 

A few weeks after we found out we were pregnant I decided I needed some super cute pregnancy shirts. I of course went straight to Etsy. I found this one from a shop called Tolittlearrows. I loved it! The cost after shipping was $39.85, which is honestly more than I would ever spend on a Tshirt. However, it’s the first baby and I was really excited. It reads “Baby Mama”across the front. 


I ordered it on the 17th and it arrived five days later on the 22nd. There is nothing I love more than fast processing/shipping so I was thrilled! 

The shirt arrived in great shape with cute packaging. My only complaint is that I obviously didn’t read much about sizing. I usually wear an XS/S. So in my mind I was thinking “oh I’ll be huge. I better order a size up.” Well I didn’t think about the fact that it’s a maternity shirt. So it already has allowed for a larger stomach (there is some really cute ruching along the sides). So this already large shirt is huge on me. I’m in my fifth month and it’s still a baggy dress on me. It actually makes me look even less pregnant hahah. I don’t think it will fit right until the day or two before the baby comes! However, it’s totally my fault. It’s a bummer, but overall, I’m happy with my cute (not too) little shirt! 

Kate Spade Baby Accessories 

Ahhh! I still can’t get over the fact that our precious little one is a girl. Looks like I won’t have to return the dozen or so little outfits I bought over the past few months! I just had this feeling deep down. I’m so glad I was right! 

Here are a few of the little things I am excited about not having to return! Sophie found the bibs originally. I ended up buying two more boxes! Plus these socks were online and I had to get them. I am all about some Kate Spade ! (My two Kate diaper bags can testify!) 

I also bought an outfit or two when I was ordering. I can’t wait until the little one is old enough to model them for me. She is going to be so precious! I am so excited.  

Naturally Different Deodorant (my new favorite) 

The Switch to Natural Deodorant 

It’s crazy how now that I am growing a sweet little person inside me how much more aware I am of what I am putting in and on my body! One thing that recently grabbed my attention is my deodorant. I’ve always heard that deodorants can contain elements that are bad for you. However, I never took the time to read about them. So I decided to spend some time on google reading about health concerns of anti perspirants. After spending quite some time reading I didn’t really have any concrete proof. For every article against it there was an article dismissing the worries. At the end of the day here are the main concerns I found with anti perspirants: Parabens, aluminum, triclosan, phthalates, and fragrance allergens. Each presented me with concern, however maybe not concrete proof that they were, for example causing cancer. Though, there has to be some form of harm if there is a label on the stick that reads “keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” 
That said, it definitely gave me something to think about. One thought that crossed my mind was why risk it? Even though maybe studies are just seeing “links” to the health issue, rather than absolute causation, why do I need to risk that when there are so many organic options available to me? It makes no sense. I decided to take a chance and make a change. If I absolutely hated the natural deodorant I could just switch back! Not a huge deal, and who knows how beneficial in the long run! 
Fast forward and I am now four weeks in on my change to natural deodorant. I am using one of my favorite local businesses, Naturally Different. (I love that their products are locally made in my community, the brand is clean and sweet, plus totally affordable. My deodorant was $7). I am so happy to report that I am completely satisfied! My main concerns when I switched was whether or not I would stink. However, this works just as well and honestly I love how clean it smells! Also, previously I would get really dry armpits. I’m talking, would have to put lotion on them because they were so dry and itchy. I know that’s weird, but I understand now that the alcohol used in my previous deodorant was totally drying me out. I haven’t had that issue at all these past few weeks and I love it! I’m completely sold on my new natural deodorant. Plus, at least with the brand I use, I haven’t had any residue left in my clothing or on my skin. 
I understand that some people with different body chemistry and smells feel that they need to use their extra strength anti perspirants… that’s cool. You do you. However I am so happy that I actually understand the ingredient list on my deodorant now! (See the comparative list below). Are you willing to make the change? I definitely recommend it! 

Naturally Different: 

  • Arrowroot powder 
  • Shea butter
  • Mango butter 
  • Non aluminum baking Soda
  • Organic coconut oil 
  • Organic beeswax 
  • Vitamin E 
  • Essential oils: Lemmongrass and Rosemary 

Secret Scent Expressions: 

  • Aluminum Zirconium Octachlorohyde
  • Water
  • Alcohol denat 
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Propylene glycol
  • Dimethicone
  • Calcium chloride 
  • PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethicone
  • Fragrance 

Please feel free to send me any feedback or brands you love! It would be great to get some other opinions.  

Kate Spade Christmas Cards

There are a few things in life that I truly believe. One of those things is the irreplaceable magic of a handwritten letter. No text message or email will ever be as rewarding as opening the mailbox and seeing a letter addressed to you!

No text message saying “thanks” will ever feel as heartfelt as a letter. In the same, Christmas ecards can’t compare to an envelope in your mail box! Which is why I absolutely LOVE sending out my Christmas cards every year. This year  bought my cards in October! I admit that’s early, but I found the most perfect cards and I knew nothing would ever be able to compare.

The cards are the “jingle all the way” holiday card set by Kate Spade! They are so beyond cute. There is a little sketch of a dog with a string of candy canes. The message inside says “jingle all the way.” The envelopes are so darling! I also had one box of one of last year’s Kate Spade holiday card sets. I found them after I had already mailed out our cards. So I bought a box and packed them up with the Christmas ornaments for this year! They are really clever. On the front of the card there are three French hens, complete with cigars, baguettes, and barrettes. On the inside it reads “and a partridge in a pear tree.”

I am so excited to mail these out! I bought my Christmas stamps last week and have just finished addressing the envelopes. I honestly wish I had picked up more, I was a few short. (No worries, I improvised and made a few hand made cards as well!) Anyways, I hope you take the time to write a Christmas note or two and mail it out this season! Here is a picture or two of my favorite holiday cards yet!


Things to Toss to Make Room for Life

 Okay I can admit it, I can sometimes be a bit of a collector (nice word for hoarder). Every now and then I have a desire to clean some of it out, but I never know where to start! So I have compiled a list of items you can toss to start uncluttering you life! These are all things I have been guilty in the last of holding on to for too long. 

  • Expired makeup
  • Old perfume samples
  • Old and forgotten makeup bags
  • The hotel soaps you kept
  • Scratched DVDs
  • Scratched CDs (or all CDs if you’ve gone to the cloud)
  • Old mementos from your past significant other
  • Scraps of wrapping/tissue paper
  • Stained/chipped coffee cups
  • Tacky picture frames
  • Old letters with no huge sentimental value
  • Old receipts
  • Old shopping bags
  • Expired coupons
  • Used and gross sponges 
  • Stained clothing & under garments
  • Accidentally ripped clothing
  • Tacky T shirts you decorated in high school
  • Vitamins you bought to be “healthy” that expired unused
  • Unmatched socks
  • Shoes that haven’t been worn in over two years
  • Worn out belts with obvious tears
  • Old school spiral notebooks with irrelevant notes
  • Failed Pinterest crafts
  • Expired batteries 
  • Unneeded business cards
  • Unmatched earrings
  • Broken jewelry (that isn’t worth more than the cost to repair it)
  • Used gift cards
  • Expired canned goods
  • The 50 leftover wedding/graduation/baby announcements 
  • Charging chords with no device
  • Old TV remotes 
  • Pet toys that have seen better days
  • Junky plastic hangers from Target
  • Chipped dishes 
  • Lame promotional mugs and cups 
  • Stained or “lid less ” Tupperware 
  • Scratched glasses and sun glasses 
  • Fast food condiment packets 
  • Dried flowers you thought you needed, but you never did anything with 


So get started! Declutter a little and breathe easier. Let me know if you stumble upon something that I should add to the list.