Labor Day Weekend Getaway 

This past weekend we traveled the 414 miles (one way) down to my cousins Stephanie & Joey’s house! It was so much fun to see my cousins, aunt, and uncle. We took the baby and my sister, Makayla, along and had a total blast.  

We got there late Thursday night and basically went straight to sleep. Friday was the perfect lazy day to just hang around the house.  We also made an exciting trip to a nearby shopping center with a Super Target … inside we found actual gold- a pink teepee with a matching teepee for dolls by the doll company, Our Generation. We immediately got it! (And a $4 clearance swimsuit that will hopefully fit Nolie next year). We were so pumped! That night we ate out at a place called the Afton Tavern. It was delicious! Seriously, next time we visit we’re going back. I had a quesadilla and Michael had a burger.  Both were awesome, however, the best part was the giant cookie skillet! Then when we got home we set up our teepee!! Steph and I had a serious blast. It was so fun. 

(Low quality pic, high quality family bonding) 

Saturday we slept in. I needed it after staying up late giggling and talking with Stephanie.  Michael and Joey started our day when they went and picked up some doughnuts. Then we slowly got ready and then headed out to do a low key walk around the greenway at the University of North Carolina. It was gorgeous outside and that made the day incredibly fun. 

 Afterwards, Michael headed off with my sister, uncle, and Joey to a local comic book store! The rest of us headed home for naps. (Man, I can’t believe I’m old enough to be in the group that has to go home and sleep to funaction hahah). Then we all helped to make dinner! Michael grilled chicken and shrimp while I prepped the veggie. Stephanie and my uncle Jon put together an amazing alfredo sauce from scratch.  It turned out nothing short of delicious.  That night we ate a few too many desserts while watching the BYU game- they were destroyed. 

// Aunt Stephanie 

Matching outfits! // shirt & shorts: Old Navy // shoes: Birkenstock // Nolie’s shirt & bow: Carter’s // Nolie’s shorts: Cat and Jack by Target 

Sunday we headed off to church (Nolie screamed every time I tried to sit down, so that was fun.  We spent the rest of the day laughing, telling stories, and just enjoying each other! We grilled dinner, walked the neighborhood, and settled in with the most mouth watering lemon dessert to watch movies. 

(that stank face, goodness child) //dress: Old Navy // cardigan: New York & Company // shoes: Old Navy // Nolie’s dress: Janie & Jack // Nolie’s bow: Carter’s

Labor Day started slow- (are you noticing a common trend)? We packed and then headed out with the cousins to IKEA.  Michael has a serious love for that store – and I can’t help but feel like it’s a lot of fun too!  We picked up a cute play table and chairs that I’m going to DIY for Nolie’s playroom.  We ate in their funky cafeteria too. It was seriously so much fun! It was hard to say goodbye, but we headed home that afternoon.  

It was such a great, relaxing trip.  I’m so thankful that I’m so close to my family! It was an awesome weekend. Shout out to my darling husband for taking us! 


Bittersweet Coffee Cafe

While on our trip out west Michael and I got to try several new places to eat. One place we ended up loving was a happy little  cafe, Bittersweet. It’s on Main Street in downtown Louisville, Colorado. It was only a few minute walk from the house we were staying. 

It was really cute inside and out.  The staff was also kind. Most importantly, the lemonade was delicious.  I don’t know why, but I have definitely been on a lemonade kick.  Michael said the coffee and breakfast burrito was also wonderful.  Our breakfast only came out to be around ten dollars, so it was also pretty reasonably priced.  

When we came in everyone was smiling and looking at the baby.  It makes me feel so proud when people stop us to tell us how beautiful she is. (Obviously looks aren’t everything … but having a gorgeous baby is also nice). 

Overall, I would totally recommend it.  It was a cute, local spot with tons of variety and pastries.  Plus, how could you not love their sense of humor! 

Happy Days 

This past weekend we had a very interesting Saturday! We woke up and got ready to be picked up by my dad to head down to the farmers market. On the way downtown I was informed we were going to make a “quick” stop to “catch” some sort of rare Pokémon.

The weather was gorgeous and the baby was smiling so I thought, why not! (Plus, we ended up having a great photo opportunity). We headed down to the Vanderbilt football stadium. They did some sort of battle and next thing I know we are headed down to a different park downtown. Three hours later we were finally at the farmers market! We made it with five minutes to spare, the milk stand was almost closed!

// shirt: Old Navy // shorts: J.Crew // Nolie’s jumper: Janie & Jack // Michael’s shirt: J.Crew // Michael’s shorts: J.Crew

* Import Flower’s Wall Mural *

After that we swung by 3rd and Demonbreum to Bakersfield Tacos. We placed an order to go and then jumped back in the car and headed down to an Asian Market off of Charolette. We wandered around and had a blast looking at all of the fun items.

The highlight of this stop was when we were wandering around the Chinese section. If you remember, last year I spent part of my summer in China. (You can read about it here). Before I left I asked Michael what he wanted me to bring back. He said he didn’t care, but he was just sad he didn’t get to try all the food. So over the course of the trip I slowly filled my suitcase with different foods to bring home. Some of the things I brought home I had zero idea what they were. I went to a grocery store and just picked out random things from aisles. When I got home Michael was a great sport and tried them all. Well this weekend I recognized one item I brought home that Michael reported to be particularly stinky. At this grocery store there were English translations on the price card. Apparently I brought Michael home pickled jelly fish! For some reason he wasn’t as excited to learn that as me.

The day ended in laughter as we headed home from there. We had such a wonderful time and the weather was perfect. Hot, but not humid. The sun was shining and I was so thankful to be out and about.

The Third Annual Peach Festival 

Yesterday Michael and I took little Nolie to her first little festival! The Peach Truck hosted an event with live music, food trucks, face painting, local vendors, and … PEACHES! It was so much fun. We started off rocky when I accidentally gave Michael directions to the wrong farmers market.  However, once we finally got there it was so much fun. 

There were several local vendors.  We saw some companies we love like the Frothy Monkey and Baby & Company. However, we also were introduced to a ton of new finds! It was a great experience.  

I think the highlight of our time though was buying our bag of peaches! Michael had one for breakfast and said it was wonderful. 

I’m so happy that we got to take the little one out on such a gorgeous night. Also, I won’t lie.  It was fun having people gush over the baby everywhere we were! She was so good and didn’t fuss once. She just had wide open eyes watching everything! I can’t wait for next year. I think we found a new family tradition. 

One Month Update

June 18th, 2017. 


Wow!!! I can’t believe that my sweet girl is now a month old. It’s so crazy, it feels unreal. Especially since she came three weeks early! 

She already has so much personality. She loves taking baths, but hates changing clothes. She also loves to be involved. She uses her arms to push herself up and looks all around! She’s incredibly strong. Nolie is also able to roll onto her stomach! I didn’t know newborns could even do that! (It’s terrifying). One thing I love is that if she is fussy she generally will stop if you sing to her! 

This month started out a little rough with the induction (you can read her birth story here) and then her extra night in the hospital (you can read about that here). However, she’s almost back to her birth weight and the jaundice is basically gone!! This month has also seen her first bath, first doctors appointment, first play date with Mia, and first trip to Target. Also, today is her first Father’s Day! So it’s been a pretty busy month. 

Little Nolie loves cuddling. I think that’s what I’ll miss the most, how she can just lay on my chest and sleep! It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced. She hums when she sleeps and it’s heart melting. I can barely stand it! If I had to make a guess, I would say she sleeps probably seventeen hours a day, spends maybe four hours eating, and the last three hours just looking at everything and taking it in. 

She is generally a good sleeper, however we’ve definitely had four or five tough nights where she was up every hour! On the flip side- we’ve also had five or six great nights where I’ve gotten about four hours straight. I even had one night where I got a little over five straight hours! It was amazing. She likes to sleep with her hands by her face. Or, if she’s laying on my chest she wraps them up around my neck (well, what she can reach). Before she was born I read so many blogs about how swaddling your baby is super comforting to them. Nolie actually doesn’t like it! You can swaddle her, but if you try to wrap those arms up – almost nothing makes her more mad, or loud!! 

The cats are doing really well. Legalos will cuddle with me when I’m holding her, but only if she’s asleep. When she’s awake he keeps his distance. Appa, on the other hand, LOVES her. He’s constantly at her side. He sleeps below her little swing when she’s in it. Almost every day when I sit down to breastfeed after lunch he jumps up and cuddles right up to us. He’s actually cuddled up with the two of us as I write this!! He hates when she cries. He will run up when she starts crying as if to comfort her. It melts my heart. Also, Appa loves all of her things. He loves to sleep in her glider, constantly tries to steal her crib (don’t worry, we won’t let him), and lays on her play mat swinging his paws at the hanging toys. It’s precious. 

I love this little munchkin so much. I can’t imagine my life without her!! We have been so incredibly blessed. I can’t wait to see the little person she grows into!! 

Boat Florida Rentals- Jacksonville 

During our epic Florida Beach trip back in July we decided that we HAD to go Jet Skiing! I want to share our experience! We originally planned to use a familiar company in St. Augustine. However, last minute we switched to Boat Florida Rentals because it was only seven miles from the house we were staying at. It was a blast, but I know we will never be using that company again.
The lady who was working the front desk was one of the rudest, most patronizing people ever. It was a serious damper on our day. Not to mention the husbands were getting very mad at how she was speaking to the wives. I thought Topher was about going to lose his temper! It took over forty minutes of paper work with the very degrading woman, but then  we finally got to head out to the marina.

This is where things improved! The staff member who helped us was a lot more fun and quickly cheered us up! We were out on the water before we knew it! Michael and I have been before, but Soph and Topher hadn’t. They were naturals! I think everyone had a complete blast.

Michael was the sweetest and let me drive for more than my fair share. I love it so much. I love going as fast as the machine will let me! This one topped out at 45 mph. It was the slowest of any wave runner I have been on, but still a thrill! The best moment was near the end. A giant speedboat flew by and I went straight for its wake! I about threw Michael off. We flew, no joke, several feet out of the water and skipped a few times. It was the biggest rush! I could not believe it.

It was an epic morning. Even though I know we will not be using that company again, it was still a great location. However, if you have a chance to go, I would recommend Raging Water Sports in St. Augustine. They were a much better experience from our previous trip. The rental itself is about fifteen dollars more, but it’s so worth it. The staff was much faster and more courteous. Not to mention there were way more waves to have fun on!

Pictures by Sophie

Fourth of July 2016

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Okay, it’s a day late. But still! Our Independence Day was so perfect. We slept in and made an epic breakfast. Cinnamon pancakes and candied apples on top with bacon and eggs. Then we packed up the yeti, lathered ourselves in sunscreen, and headed down to Jacksonville Beach! 
Traffic was horrible. There was literally no where to park and drunk bicyclist were weaving in and out of the road. It was starting to get a little disheartening. But then we found THE BEST parking spot of all time. We were trying to make a turn in a small lot. When we finally turned around we were directly facing a beach house on the ocean front. It had a For Rent sign in the front yard with the landlord’s phone number. I decided to dial the number. I called and I told her we were visiting and asked if we could park in her driveway… She said yes! It was so perfect haha. Literally it was a two minute walk into the beach. Plus it was completely free. Seriously so on point. 

We spent the next four or five hours on the beach. The boys rented a boogie board and bought a skim board. It was so fun!! I was terrible at both, but it was still entertaining to try. The hard part about the boogie board was that when I stayed in the middle I could barely paddle my arms. Oh well! I loved being on the beach with one of our favorite couples ever. Soph and I were so happy that the boys had such a blast together. Topher also pulled out his GOPro… We loved it!! I definitely see one in our future. 

After we had our fill of the sun and the sand we went down to the board walk and shopped a little. I found more of my favorite lotion- Sun Bum: Cool Down. It is the best lotion ever. (I love that it doesn’t make me feel greasy and it smells delicious.) Then we had Mexican food at Campeche Bay Cantina. It was different from what I am used to, but still super delicious. It also wasn’t too pricey for being on the beach. 

Finally, we headed to the beach for the firework show. I love fireworks so much! It is so incresible to me. The show was so beautiful and Sophie took some AMAZING photos of Michael and I. The night ended with sparklers and tons of laughter. It was a perfect night! 

//Sunglasses: Kate Spade //Bikini: Victoria’s Secret // Sophie’s Swim Suit: Arie // Sophie’s Sunglasses: Ray Ban

// Shirt: PINK // Shorts: PINK // Michael’s Shirt: Khols // Michael’s Shorts: Levi // Michael’s Sunglasses: Fossil 

** Sophie Davison Photography **