Gender Prediction Wives Tales

We find out the gender of the baby THIS AFTERNOON. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I can not believe it. I decided before we get the answer to our LONG anticipated question I would look back at some of the fun (and possibly crazy) gender prediction wives tales! I thought it might be fun to know if they had any “accuracy.”

Placenta Placement: In this test you ask the ultrasound tech where in the placenta the baby is resting. If the baby is in top or bottom right this indicates a boy. Meanwhile, top or bottom left predicts a girl! We asked our ultrasound tech and she said the baby was curled up in the left, indicating a baby girl! 

Ring Swing: There is one wives tale that involves pulling out on of your hairs and sliding your wedding ring onto it. Then you move it in a certain patter (depends what source) and then you stop moving. If the ring continues to spin it will be a boy, if your ring swings back and forth, it is a girl. Sophie came over one night and told me about it! We decided to try. My result? A girl! 

Heartbeat: Another popular Pinterest predictor was about the heartbeat. Supposedly if the heart beat was lower than 140 bpm this predicted a baby boy. A heart beat higher than 140 bpm indicated a little girl! According to this test, I would be having a girl! At eight weeks the baby’s precious heart was pumping away at 150 bpm.

Salt vs. Sweet:This test proposed that if you constantly want sour or salty foods you are carrying a boy. Sweet foods (and some sources said orange juice) indicate a growing girl! I don’t think i have craved anything salty per say. However, I have been eating sweet tarts non stop! What does that mean? That is the candy that is literally made to be sweet and sour. However, I haven’t wanted any other sweets on a regular basis… So I am going to say I crave sour. This indicates a sweet baby boy! 

Skin: Another predicting idea is that if you have better skin than ever before you are carrying a boy. Meanwhile, having worse skin indicates a girl. I am having the worst breakouts of my life! It is disgusting. So that would be a strong vote for girl! 

Sleep: This test proposes that if you sleep on your left side you are growing a boy. meanwhile, sleeping on your right indicated a growing girl. I have been sleeping mainly on my left, so one more vote for boy! 

Morning Sickness: (First off gross. I hate being sick, and boy have I been sick.) This test says no morning sickness means a boy, while having sickness indicates a girl. This seems to be based off of a notion about hormones. For me, this indicates a VERY hormonal little girl!!

Age at Conception: This predictor was odd to me, however I saw it several times! Supposedly if you take your age at conception and add the number of the month of conception it could predict gender. An odd number signified a boy while an even number predicted a girl. This predicts a little boy for me!

There are a few more tests you can do, however most of them involve urine. I am so not down with that, sorry! So in the end, of those eight tests I received three predictions for a boy and five that the baby is a girl! I guess we will find out soon enough! We aren’t announcing gender until Friday when we can tell the whole family at the same time.  Until then- do you have any guesses!?! 

// jeans: Lucky Brand // shirt: Ann Taylor Petite // sweater: New York & Company // Fitbit: Alta //rings: Tiffany & Co and Genesis Diamond 

Also featuring my belly band because I can’t zip my pants up!! It’s been such a life saver- and it just looks like a lace cami! 


Free Sam’s Club Baby Samples Box

In my search for cool baby freebies I also stumbled upon Sam’s Club free baby box. You don’t have to have a membership and it was completely free! I didn’t even have to pay for shipping. The downside: it took over two full months to arrive. That said, it is still a free gift with very little work required. The sample box included the following random assortment:

  • Slimfast baked chips 1oz
  • GoGo Squeeze AppleApple 3.2 oz
  • Goodness Knows cranberry almond chocolate snack square (1 piece)
  • Huggies natural care wipes (8 count)
  • Size three Member’s Mark Diaper (1 count)
  • Brouchures for Sam’s Club membership &a Travel Site

It’s a pretty random assortment of products. Honestly, it wasn’t the best box, but it was completely free, so i’m not going to complain at all. Plus, even one free diaper is one less diaper I have buy! So I recommend trying this, but after ordering put it out of your mind because it will take forever to arrive!